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Our Professional Fly Fishing Guides will take you on a journey you will never forget!


Searching for Wyoming fly fishing guides that will take excellent care of you, teach you the “secret spots” and techniques and that have a genuine interest in your success? If that is what you want to find, you are finally in the right place!

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Here Is The Real Wyoming Fly Fishing Guides Video


All shot here in and around Dubois Wyoming – including the Bighorn River, Snake River, Horse Creek, Fish Creek and of course, the Wind River. Our fly fishing guides are outstanding and the scenery is amazing.

We are pleased to let you know that we work with the best fly fishing guides in the Dubois Wyoming, Thermopolis Wyoming, Lander Wyoming and Jackson Hole Wyoming areas.

Take a look below to discover all the fly fishing opportunities available to you today!

We have added Wyoming Fly Fishing Guide Rates for 2017 and a way you can reserve your booking today!


Wyoming Fly Fishing Guides for all levels and seasons

Mary and her Fly Fishing Guide. Wyoming Fly Fishing Guides On the Trail for Trout

What you are about to see is a collection of Wyoming fly fishing fun.

WY Fly Fishing Guides Put You On The Fish

Catch beautiful Brown trout like this in the Wind River near Dubois Wyoming

From Wade Fishing to Drift Boat Fishing: Discover What You Can Do and Where You Can Go With Our Experienced Wyoming Fly Fishing Guides

Are you interested in Drift Boat Fishing on the Green River, the Big Horn River or the Snake River? Wade fly fishing on the Wind River, Warm Springs, Horse Creek? How about hidden mountain lakes? We have all of that covered as well.

Fly Fishing In Wyoming Has Never Been So Good and Our Wyoming Fly Fishing Guides Have a Trip For You

  1. The Wind River Dubois Wyoming Fly Fishing
  2. Brooks Lake and Stream Dubois Wyoming Fly Fishing
  3. Horse Creek Dubois Wyoming Fly Fishing
  4. Warm Springs Dubois Wyoming Fly Fishing
  5. The Green River, Drift Boat Fly Fishing near Seedskadee National Wildlife Refuge
  6. The Big Horn River, Wade Fishing and Drift Boat Fly Fishing Thermopolis Wyoming
  7. The Snake River, Jackson Hole Wyoming Drift Boat and Wade Fly Fishing

Our guides are not only enthusiastic about fly fishing, they are incredibly patient and extremely skilled in the art of helping to put you “on the fish”. Our caring Wyoming fly fishing guides can certainly help a beginner to cast a fly-fishing rod and catch fish.

You will have access to numerous waters that can produce big fish. The Wind River, the Bighorn river are just two of them

Wyoming Fly Fishing Guide Jeramie with one Happy Mary

We can even put the seasoned fly fisher into technical waters and they will have access to elusive big brown trout and feisty rainbows.

So, it doesn’t matter what your level, our professional Wyoming fly fishing guides will train and teach you the techniques required to hook more fish within our numerous rivers, streams and mountain lakes.

Our Wyoming fly fishing guides know these waters and will help you catch more fish in less time

We want to put a smile on your face and a fly fishing memory in your heart…

Marlows Fly Shop and Central Booking is proud to present extraordinary Dubois Wyoming fly fishing guides services that specialize in giving you a most memorable Wyoming fly-fishing trip.

We are truly privileged to be situated in a section of Wyoming, which has the most unique angling and fly-fishing opportunities in the entire Rockies area.

We now have access to the most sought after waters in the area!

Our Wyoming fly fishing guides offer advice and support with fly-casting strategies, dry fly presentation, nymphing techniques and much more.

Most importantly, your Wyoming fly fishing guide will put you on the trout so you can catch fish while getting an entirely new perspective on the rivers, lakes, streams and creeks of Wyoming’s best fly fishing waters.

Your courteous guide will be there to assist in the presentation, landing and of course – to to takes a nice picture of your recently caught fish.

Our Dubois Wyoming fly fishing guides have in excess of 40 years of skill on out “home waters” so you can be sure you will be looked after when it pertains to catching fish.

Wind River Fishing Dubois Wyoming Style

Enjoy the beauty and magnitude of fly fishing in the eye-catching Dubois, Wyoming area.

Located near Dubois, Wyoming and encompassing a couple mountain ranges, the Wind River and Absaroka mountains, the fly-fishing here is perfectly impressive – due to the great quantity of high flowing creeks and serene mountain lakes.

Our qualified Wyoming fly fishing guides can get you access to several of these extraordinary place. This includes the Wind River, Brooks Lake and Brooks Lake Creek, Horse Creek, the Double Cabin area, Warm Springs and more!

Spring fly fishing on the Wind River - One of countless fly fishing in Wyoming Trips you can book at Marlows Fly Shop and Central Booking

Spring fly fishing on the Wind River – One of countless fly fishing in Wyoming Trips you can book at Marlows Fly Shop and Central Booking


1 on 1 guidance will insure your quick learning and results while fly-fishing in Wyoming.

As mentioned, if you are an expert fisher-woman or just starting out, our proficient Wyoming fly fishing guides can make your day on the waters of Wyoming the most memorable trip imaginable.

You also have access, several Wyoming fly fishing “Hot Spots, seldom heard of.

All guided fishing trips are made to satisfy your skill-set level and expectancies, deliver the amount of training wished for, and of course, present you the greatest opportunity to catch fish.


Unbelievable Bighorn River Wade and Drift Boat Fly Fishing Adventure

Dreaming about big trout on the incredible Bighorn River in the Thermopolis, Wyoming area?

Fly Fishing in Wyoming for Browns - The Bighorn and Wind River have Trophy Trout

A Brown I Caught On The Wind River

The Bighorn River: Beginning in the Wedding from the Waters in Thermopolis, Wyoming and towards the World’s Biggest Mineral Hot Springs, the Bighorn River is really a primary water that people fish and guide.

Like the Wind River, The Bighorn can literally be fly-fished year-round and doesn’t freeze like other rivers in Wyoming.

Here you will probably want to think about a Wyoming drift boat fishing trip that includes wade fishing.

If you are interested in this type of trip with a Wyoming Fly Fishing Guide – let us know. We’re ready to get you out there.

Prepare to hook-up with trophy Wyoming trout on a number of “bugs” varying from nymphs to dries.

This really is among the finest rivers to drift boat fish in Wyoming. Though a few more people know about it,  you can enjoy your fly fishing experience without having a combat fishing scenario on your hands.


Best Wyoming Fly Fishing Guides Green River Drift Boat Fishing Trip

With the best Wyoming fly fishing guides, can now guide you on the picturesque Green River, located in South-Western Wyoming.

The Green River, below Fontenelle Reservoir is an exceptional tail-water and stunning place to go fly fishing.

There is nothing at all more desirable than angling for huge brown trout and rainbow trout. Plus, having the opportunity to drift boat the Green is a wonderful experience. Great potential to see fowl populations and wild animals too.

Experience some of the greatest trout fly fishing in Wyoming if not the entire western United States. Shake off the crowds!

We can absolutely take care of all the details of your Wyoming fly-fishing adventure. It is our aspiration at Marlows Fly Shop and Central Booking to deliver you a fly fishing trip which you will certainly not forget for a life time.


The Mighty Snake River Wade and Drift Boat Fly Fishing Trips

Our pro Wyoming fly fishing guides can take you down the Snake River in the Jackson Hole area. You can fly fish from an expertly navigated drift boat and wade fish the magnificent Snake River.

Jackson Wyoming Drift Boat Fishing Trips on the Snake River - Book yours today at Marlows Fly Shop and Central Booking Dubois WY

Way To Go Dennis! He caught this Snake River Cutty on a Streamer.

Trout are typically the most popular fishing target and good Wyoming fly fishing guides will help you to locate them.

Catch Brook trout on dry flies, large Browns on nymphs, Rainbow and Cutt-Bow trout on and native Cutthroat trout (4 species) too.

The Snake River typically holds the Snake River Cutthroat sub-species of trout.

Wyoming Fly Fishing Guides and Rates

With your Wyoming fly fishing guide, you are going to be able to fish a lot of Wyoming’s most outstanding trout water.

This includes the Wind River, Green River, the Bighorn River, Snake River and so many more.

In general, our Wyoming fly fishing guides offer half-day rates and full day fly-fishing journeys as well as other options based on your desires.

Additionally, they help you to choose from wade fishing outings or drift boat fishing float trips as well as supply you with the latest fly-fishing gear and equipment.



Check with your own Wyoming fly fishing guides to make certain that they are really licensed and insured before taking your fishing trip.

Believe it or not, there are several so-called guides around that do NOT have permission to fish certain areas in Wyoming. Or they do not have proper permits in place to take you up in the National Forest. Guide Trips on the Forest by Absaroka Ranch, LLC for example, are completely legit and this is who we work with.

Book Dubois Wyoming Fly Fishing Guides that Are Licensed and Registered for our unique area. We only work with professionals so book with us today!






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