Free Gear Checklist For People Wanting To Go Fly Fishing In Wyoming


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Stuff you’ll want to have while fly fishing on our Wyoming Waters.


Free Fly Fishing Gear Checklist with 30 items

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Wyoming is, in our humble opinion, one of the most beautiful States in the USA.

Pristine fly-fishing rivers, streams, creeks and lakes abound. Especially here in the Dubois, WY area.

No matter what part of our State you will be fly fishing, it’s a good idea to remember that the weather out here can change in a flash!

Always be prepared is the best approach.

Here is a checklist of Fly Fishing Gear, Clothing and Equipment you will probably want to have with you before heading out.

Remember that layering clothing so that you can peel down or layer up is a great way to stay both protected and comfortable.

Stay away from Cotton!

We put this together so that it would be a helpful checklist no matter where you are.

So here we go.

Part One: Wyoming Fly Fishing Gear Checklist – Fly Fishing Equipment

✔ Fly Rod – 9’ 6” – 9’ to 8’ 6” at a 4-6 wt works well in most situations here
✔ Fly Reel(s) – 3-6 weight and extra spool if you have it
✔ Tippet from 3x to 7x should cover it
✔ Tippet Spool Caddy
✔ Extra Fly Line (if needed)
✔ Dry Fly Floatant like Bug Jelly or Gink
✔ Leaders from 4x to 6x would be good
✔ Strike Indicators
✔ A Knot Tool
✔ Nippers
✔ Hemostat or Forceps
✔ Hook File
✔ A Lanyard, or Fly Fishing Vest or Chest Pack
✔ A Fly Box (or two) with an assortment of flies, nymphs, streamers, etc.

Part Two: Wyoming Fly Fishing Gear Checklist – Fly Fishing Clothing, Gear and Accessories

✔ Wading Boots and Waders

Glad I had a good set of waders and a rainproof jacket! Was wearing Redington SonicDry Waders and a jacket

I was wearing a few layers on this cold Michigan Day. We were fly fishing with Mystic Fly Rods Owner, Dennis Klein. Staying comfortable in harsh conditions is always rewarding. Click my goofy face to See Excellent Mystic Fly Rods (if you dare)

✔ Wader Repair Kit
✔ A Wading Staff (Great for safely navigating uncertain waters)
✔ A Wading Belt (Reduces back fatigue)
✔ Warm Jacket or Down Jacket (or both)
✔ Wading Jacket that is Breathable and Waterproof
✔ Fleece Vest or Jacket
✔ Long Underwear Tops and Bottoms (warm and breathable is best-No Cotton!)
✔ Warm Socks (Synthetic or wool & an extra pair is a good idea)
✔ Warm fleece hat, a Ball Cap and a Sun Hat
✔ Warm Gloves
✔ Fleece Gloves and Fingerless Synthetic Gloves
✔ SPF Breathable, Fast Dry Fly Fishing Shirt
✔ Sunscreen (Gotta have it)
✔ Good Polarized Sunglasses (So you look cool, protect your eyes and see fish!)
✔ SPF Chapstick or protectant Lip Balm
✔ Bug Spray (So the Skeeters don’t suck you dry and carry you off)
✔ Bear Spray (We Recommend UDAP Bear Spray)
✔ Camera (So you can tell no tall fish tales and prove it to the skeptics)
✔ Binoculars (To see that Grizzly Bear or those Wolves coming)
✔ Dry Bag (for your camera, video, cell phone, etc)
✔ Headlamp and Flashlight with fresh batteries
✔ Water (Don’t get dehydrated)
✔ Other beverages: Gatorade, Soda (I know you already have beer in the truck)
✔ Food, Jerky, Protein Bars, Snacks, MRE’s, etc
✔ Waterproof Matches and or a Lighter
✔ A Sharp Pocket Knife
✔ Toilet Paper (How many times have I personally forgot this one?)

NOTE: Before you go out – be sure to check the Wyoming Weather Forecast

You may want to check out the Official USGS Water Levels too. This is access to the Dubois WY USGS Real Time Water Flow charts. We like to look at these in the Dubois, Wyoming area – especially around run-off time.

Best Wishes for Great Fishes,

by Bradley Marlow
Owner: Marlows Fly Shop | Central Booking
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