Wyoming Cutt Slam Part 1 | The Yellowstone Cutthroat

Getting Pumped Up To Catch The Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout

It started with the Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout (and a float tube)

Wyoming Cutt Slam started with float tubes – So I was getting pumped up for the Yellowstone Cutty

Yesterday was the first leg of a Fly Fishing Journey…

…to complete the Wyoming Cutt Slam.

This Journey was attended by myself, and another poor fly fishing soul who suffers from F.P.I. – Dennis K.

The Wyoming Cutt Slam is sponsored by the Wyoming Game and Fish Department and the object is to catch one of 4 sub-species of Cutthroat trout in their Native Wyoming Range.

What is the Wyoming Cutt Slam?


WY G & F

“A program designed to encourage anglers to learn more about Wyoming’s cutthroat sub-species and develop more appreciation and support of the Wyoming Game and Fish Department’s cutthroat management program.”


Those Cutthroat Species are as follows

  • The Yellowstone Cutthroat
  • The Snake River Cutthroat
  • The Colorado River Cutthroat
  • The Bonneville Cutthroat

The Wyoming Cutt Slam Certificate

Cutt Slam Cert

This is what you want. The official Certificate from the Wyoming Game and Fish

When you catch each species of Cutthroat, you need to take clear pictures of each, the date and location where you caught them – then submit all of that to WG&F.

They will have a Biologist verify the trout. Then – if all goes well, you will receive one of these! (Yes. Dennis K and I wanted that!)

Dennis K and I decided to start off by trying to catch the beautiful Yellowstone Cutthroat species found in Blue Ribbon Cutthroat water near Dubois Wyoming.

It is a beautiful little Lake.

We decided to do a float tube approach.

Thanks to advice from Pro fly fishing guide Leon S and a little info from Larry L.

I loaded up one of my Hardy fly Lightweight L R H reels with a 6 wt sinking line.

Both of these fine gentleman had mentioned that a black and red bugger and an olive scud may do the trick.

And it did!

Let’s Do This Thingy!

Made our way to the inlet on the other side of the lake in float tubes. Was fishing my new Hardy Zenith 9′ 5wt fly rod. That thing casts like a dream with very little effort.

Dennis loaded up his Hardy Fly Reel with a 5 wt sink tip line.

Dennis Kidd getting ready to release the fish

Dennis brought in his Yellowstone Cutthroat and immediately released her.

When Dennis hooked in to his first Yellowstone Cutthroat, I was pretty excited and tried to get to him as fast as I could in the float tube.

Managed to capture a couple of images using the new point and shoot camera. In all the excitement, it wasn’t long before I discovered that I had only one fin left (See Video Above)!

This indeed makes moving about in a float tube – challenging.

No wonder I was having such a time trying to navigate and move in the water. lol

PS: This new point and shoot camera certainly isn’t able to capture images as nicely as my pro Canon 40D but it does the job well enough. It also captures HD video and I did get some video as well.

Hopefully between the two, WG&F will have enough evidence to approve these as Official Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout. ๐Ÿ™‚

Later in the same day, we did catch a few Snake River Cutthroats as well. Found quite a few at the Lower East Fork.

Fly Fishing: The Wyoming Cutt Slam Yee Haa

Fly fishing on from a float tube for the Yellowstone Cutthroat . I finally caught one!

However, as we discovered later – we really needed to go to the Snake River to catch those Snake River Cutty’s – and our good friend and fly fishing buddy Larry L volunteered for the Drift Boat Job.

Poor soul.

That will be the Wyoming Cutt Slam Part 2

I added this Wyoming Cutt Slam Fly Fishing Video in the form of a movie trailer after the original post. Will be adding the Part Two WYO Cutt-Slam video soon.

Best Wishes for Great Cutthroat Fishes



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