Winter Fly Fishing Report Dubois Wyoming Video | January

Can This Lady Fly Fish The Wind River Or What?

“Holy smokes Batman – Mary Turney from Casting for Recovery and professional fly fishing guide Leon S really had a great day of Winter Fly Fishing!”

Mary T runs the Wyoming CFR Event every summer.

“Will this trout work for the Winter Fly Fishing Report Bradley?” I say, YES!

Happy to report that we had an excellent day on the upper Wind River water today. Leon Sanderson (NOW RETIRED) has been Professionally guiding Mary Turney for over 14 years. Though the poor fella has had to slow down a bit due to some injuries – this was a wonderful day.

Believe it or not, many times, the Winter fly fishing near Dubois, WY can produce larger trout, as compared to other times of the year.

That certainly doesn’t mean the fly fishing here is “bad” in the Summer.

Not at all.

It’s just that we have special access to a stretch of the Upper Wind River – that Never Ices Over!

Mary and Leon wading out to another fly fishing spot

Leon says, “Perhaps you can catch one more trout over here, Mary.”

Wyoming Winter Fly Fishing Report Video (Less Than 2 Minutes Long but Worth an Eternity (Video is at the Top Of This Post)

Winter Fly Fishing in Wyoming Report With Pictures: Upper Wind River Dubois, Wyoming 1/15/2012

It was pretty windy for most of the day, but Mary and Leon were able to fly fish in protected areas.

For the most part. We would get blown around a little – but not bad at all.

The temps were around the low to middle 30’s. Wind chill dropped that down, I’m sure.

But with Spirits so high, it comes naturally, that you just stay warm.

What Kind Of Bugs Were They Hitting ON? Bugs Used:

    1. Red and Black Streamer (1 trout caught)
    2. Hare’s Ear Bead Head Nymph (2 Trout caught)
    3. Blood Back Nymph (2 Trout caught)
    4. All Caught by Mary (Way to go Mary T!)

A Flickr Winter fly fishing in WY Report Photo Slideshow

I tried to put in the latest images, so if you see a pile of smiles from Mary and Leon – you’ll know it is working 🙂

Fly Fishing Gear Used for the Winter Fly Fishing in Wyoming Report: January

The Greys Streamflex XF2 Plus 9’6″ to 10′ 0″ Fly Rod

Sad that Greys has since moved to the UK only. We are now recommending Mystic Reaper for those wanting to buy a fly rod in the $229 – $249 range.

(Mary really liked this fly rod for high stickin’ / nymph fly fishing)



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We’ll See You on the Water,

Come Fly Fishing With Us!
by Bradley Marlow
Owner | Marlow’s Fly Shop
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