Winter Fly Fishing Dubois Wyoming Fishing Report: Wind River Dec 2012

Winter Fly Fishing in Wyoming – The Wind River Report (with video) From Beautiful Dubois, Wyoming

Winter Wind River Fly Fishing is more fun with Vic in the Mix.

Don’t mess with the Vic

Hard to believe that 2012 is nearly a distant memory.

Before the year is gone, wanted to make this Winter Fly Fishing On The Wind River Report.

Been a little while since I have been able to do a Winter Fly Fishing – Wind River Fishing Report for Dubois Wyoming.

Why is that?

Well, I have been busy working on this very website – adding new products.

I am painfully slow at the process because I am what some call “anal”.

Oh well.

As a result, I have very little hair left on the top of my noggin. Not good.

To spare the last few follicles, decided to get out for some rather warm winter fly fishing.

Man! Am I glad I went! Shot some Wyoming fishing report video too.


So here we go! See the Video Just above!

[VIDEO REPORT] Winter Fly Fishing Wyoming | The Wind River Fishing Report Dubois December

Winter Fly Fishing On The Wind River Brings Us Closer To – “Vic”

We saw our dear friend (and fly fishing God) Vic A – Senior writer for the Dubois Wyoming Newspaper – The Frontier. Vic managed to escape the office and get to the Wind River.

As usual, Vic was armed with 2 fly fishing rods for the Wind River

1) A Greys Streamflex XF2 Rod 9′ 3 weight

2) An Echo 9′ 4 weight with a Lamson Fly Reel

Other Fly Fishing Gear Used by myself and the “Robot”

  • The Hardy Zenith 10′ 3 Weight Fly Rod “Bradley”
  • The Hardy Zenith 9′ 6 Weight Fly Rod “The Robot”
  • The Lamson ULA Force 2x SL Reel “Bradley”
  • with RIO Gold WF 4 Fly Line

I asked which rig was the top producer for the day and he said it was what was on his Echo rod/Lamson set up. He had 2 dry flies on. One was a Turks Tarantula and the other was a small Green Drake looking fly. He was fishing them wet and said he caught a few Cutthroat Trout on the Tarantula. See the video for a little more information.

We parted ways and the “robot” and I headed over to a different section of the Wind River – just East of Dubois, Wyoming. All told, we caught about 20 trout in the span of an hour or so.

Winter fly fishing been beddy beddy good to me

1st Trout on my own Tied BloodBack Nymph. A real treat when they eat your raggedy tied fly.

Winter Fly Fishing – Nymphing The Wind River Near Dubois Wyoming

We were using a double nymph rig with a little twist-on lead (about 1 foot above the main fly). Bugs we used that worked well:

1) A Bead head dark Stonefly pattern with white rubber legs as the lead fly. (Size 10)
2) Caught a few fish on a MFC bead head Hare’s Ear with Flash (Size 12-14)
3) A Woven Caddis Pattern with Tungsten bead head as a dropper (Size 12-14)

Fish Caught on the Wind River Near Dubois WY:

  1. Brown Trout
  2. Rainbow Trout
  3. Cutthroat Trout

Winter Fly Fishing: Dubois Wyoming Weather and Wind River Water Conditions:

Before the storm moved in, which could easily have blown me off the water, the conditions were excellent!


PODCAST #2: The Top 3 Tips About Fly Fishing In Dubois From A Pro Guide!


Outside Temp in Dubois Wyoming: 45 Degrees F

Water Clarity and Temperature in the Wind River
1) Water clarity was quite good
2) Temperature of the Wind River: 46 degrees F

The Wind River Slip Factor

The Wind River, with built-up silt and other debris makes it very slick to wade. We recommend using felt sole wading shoes when wading the Wind River. Be careful, take it slow and use a wading staff.

Winter Fly Fishing Dubois Wyoming Hatches Noticed:
1) A few black midges. That was it. All of our “eats” happened sub-surface.


Bradley Marlow

It would not be the same if we weren’t staring at the Bouncing Hula Girl stuck to the Van’s Dashboard on the way out to the Wind River


This Hula Girl is a permanent fixture in the old guide van. I love her

This Wind River Fishing Report Dubois Wyoming for December 3rd, 2012 was…

Filmed and photographed entirely near stunning Dubois, Wyoming on the Wind River – just a few miles East of beautiful Dubois Wyoming.

Starring in the Videos and/or Images:

Vic Augustine “The Fly Fishing God”
“That Guy the Robot”
Patrick H Owner of Mom’s Restaurant
Jill J of Roca Jewelry Designs
and Bradley Marlow

Filmed, Produced and Edited by Bradley Marlow from Marlow’s Fly Shop

Still Photos by Bradley Marlow

Underwater Brown Trout and More Footage:

I was using the GoPro Hero 2 HD Camera and the GoPro Hero 2 Underwater Housing for the video of the Brown Trout underwater.

Royalty free music licensed by
(That means we purchased it and can use it in our videos legally)

Track Name: Silent Night
Track Length: 04min 25sec
Composer: Rik Pfenninger
Composers’ Performing Rights Organization: ASCAP
Publisher: Rik Pfenninger
Publisher’s Performing Rights Organization: ASCAP

Another fantastic day of  Winter Fly Fishing in Dubois Wyoming

“Come Fly Fishing With US!”

Best wishes for great fishes,

by Bradley Marlow


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  1. Great video! The Mill stretch is looking great as well. What a great project! Congrats to everyone that made it possible.

    1. Hi John,

      Thank you kindly. Glad you enjoyed the Winter fly fishing report video. :)

      I agree. The Mill site is a great stretch. As you probably know, the Dubois Anglers and Wildlife Group, Wyoming Game and Fish, and so many others made that what it is.
      Best Wishes for Great Fishes!

  2. Fly fishing in Wyoming is something my dad used to do as a teenager. I wish I could make it to Wyoming someday.

    1. Hi Mike,

      I hope you will be able to do some fly fishing in Wyoming too. Neat that your Dad did it.

      You're next :)
      Best Wishes for Great Fishes,


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