Wind River Fishing Report Dubois Wyoming May 27 2012 VIDEO

A Wind River Fly Fishing Report for Dubois WY (Why Not?)

Wind River Fly Fishing Report and Video for May

Lookin’ Good Brother Kevin!


What is going on with the fishing by the Upper Wind River near Dubois Wyoming?

Watch the latest Wind River Fishing Report Dubois Wyoming May 27 2012  right here – and find out now!

Spring Fly Fishing in Wyoming!

Just when you thought the weather was excellent…

Here comes Mother Nature with another serious dose of rain, snow and wind!


It IS Wonderful Wyoming after all

Remember: We still get snow in June ’round these parts.

So it’s cool.

[VIDEO AT TOP OF THIS PAGE] Wind River Fishing Report for Dubois Wyoming – Merry Holidays


Kevin was doing well. Especially considering he was wet wading. Burr.

Kevin was doing well. Especially considering he was wet wading on the cold May Day. Burr Dude.


The Top 20 Things You Don’t Want To Forget When Fly Fishing In Wyoming


You may also watch this fly fishing video report by clicking here

The Upper Wind River is blown out due to heavy moisture as well as recent warm temps before the latest snow storm. See more information below as to where you CAN go fly fishing near Dubois Wyoming.

In the Wind River Fishing Report, I reported we were at about 600cfs for the streamflow – which on the 18th of May, 2012, was accurate. Currently, May 27th-28th, 2012 –  Upper Wind River streamflows are between 320-380cfs.

  • Wind River Fishing – Water Temperature: 45
  • Upper Wind River Water Flow (Dubois, WY): 590 cfs (May 18th) (380 cfs May 27th)
  • Wind River Water Clarity: Poor
  • Dubois WY Weather: Temps in the 40’s – Snow, Rain and Gusts up to 25-30mph

Try The Three Lakes Area (Torrey, Ring and Trail Lakes near Dubois)

  • Fish Caught: Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout, Cutt-Bow’s
  • Wading Difficulty Level: Normal to Slick In Spots

Recommended 3 Lakes Fly Fishing Nymphs To Try:

Large Prince Nymph Dumas as a Lead Fly (Size 8-10)
Gold Ribbed Hare’s Ear as a Dropper (size 12-14)
Flashback Pheasant Tail as a Dropper (size 12-14)

The Wyoming Snowpack Data for May 28th, 2012 just came in and reflects a nice little up-tick in the water data:


S N O W  -  P R E C I P I T A T I O N    U P D A T E

              Based on Mountain Data from NRCS SNOTEL Sites
                    As of MONDAY: MAY 28 , 2012
 Data Site Name          (Ft)                      %                      %
                                Current  Average  Avg  Current  Average  Avg

 BURROUGHS CREEK          8750     3.2     5.1    63     18.2    22.2    82
 CASTLE CREEK             8400      .1      -M      *    11.5      -M      *
 COLD SPRINGS             9630      .8     1.2    67     11.9    16.7    71
 DEER PARK                9700      .2    11.3     2     21.4    30.5    70
 HOBBS PARK              10100      .4    11.8     3     17.1    20.6    83
 KIRWIN                   9550     1.1     7.1    15     18.8    17.1   110
 LITTLE WARM              9370     1.6     3.0    53     16.7    19.7    85
 OWL CREEK                8975     1.0      .8   125      8.0    10.7    75
 SOUTH PASS               9040      .0     8.3     0     15.1    25.7    59
 ST. LAWRENCE ALT         8620      .1      .9    11     11.0    14.9    74
 TOGWOTEE PASS            9580    17.7    23.7    75     31.5    32.3    98
 TOWNSEND CREEK           8700      .1     2.4     4     14.0    18.5    76
                                                -----                  -----
                Basin wide percent of average     35                     80


PODCAST #2: The Top 3 Tips About Fly Fishing In Dubois From A Pro Guide!


This Wind River Fishing Report and Fly Fishing Video For Dubois, Wyoming, May 27 2012 was…

Get your gear on. We're going fly fishing

My Dear ‘Ol Dad saying “Hey! Look At Me!” And, “Let’s Go!”

Filmed and photographed entirely near stunning Dubois, Wyoming on the Wind River, Jake’s Fork and the 3 Lakes area – just a few miles East of beautiful Dubois Wyoming.

Starring in the Wind River Fishing Report Video and/or Images: Kevin Mock, My Dad John M and Bradley Marlow

Filmed, Produced and Edited by Bradley Marlow from Marlow’s Fly Shop

Special Thanks with some Photo Credits to Kevin Mock

Another fantastic set of great days of Dubois Wyoming fly fishing. Can’t wait to see you next.

“Come Fly Fishing With US!”

Best wishes to you and yours,
by Bradley Marlow

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