Spring Fly Fishing Dubois WY | Wind River Trout Video March

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Spring Fly Fishing Dubois WY

Fly Fishing Dubois WY – Nice Brown Trout in the Early Spring

Fly Fishing Dubois WY – Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Guide Nate Bennett Tests the Waters in Dubois, WY. All Smiles with this Brown

Spring Fly Fishing Dubois WY: Wind River Trout Video From March – 3/25/2011

Spring Fly Fishing on the Wind River by Dubois, WY. Date: March 25th, 2011. Another great day on the Wind.

Was thrilled to be fishing with Jackson Hole WY fly fishing guide Nate Bennett and Dubois, Wyoming fly fishing legend, Leon Sanderson.

Nate hooked up several times. And we have several smiles to prove it.

He caught a nice Brown Trout, a nice rainbow and…a whitefish but I’m not supposed to mention that. 🙂

By the way, if you are looking for a great fly fishing guide in the Jackson Hole WY area, get a hold of Nate. You couldn’t ask for a more down to earth and pleasant person. You can find Nate at Teton Fly Fishing. Tell Nate that Brad from Marlow’s Fly Shop sent you.

Spring Fly Fishing in Wyoming Video | Fly Fishing Dubois WY | Wind River Fly Fishing Early Spring

Of note, Nate is an accomplished cartoonist as well. He drew up a cartoon of Leon Sanderson on his cell phone while fly fishing – a few years back. Look closely and you will see Leon actually was on his cell phone at one point probably closing a Real Estate Deal. lol. Hilarious. I love the dedication!

Leon On The Phone Selling Real Estate While Fly Fishing. Artist - Nate Bennett

Leon On The Phone Selling Real Estate While Fly Fishing. Artist – Nate Bennett

Leon nailed his quota of trout in short order as well. Although for some reason, I didn’t get that many fly fishing photos of Leon catching fish. Think I was shooting images of the mountains, the river and the Wind River Range. Oops.

Wind River String-time fly fishing. Leon

At the end of this drift, Leon did hook up. I like the Splash!

When fly fishing Dubois WY – specifically the Wind River, it is usually best to nymph fish and get that fly down and in front of their face.

You will see a few cool shots in this video. With Leon, you can buy some prime real estate in Dubois.

He doesn’t guide any more due to lots of injuries. Find Leon at LeonSanderson.com Say you saw Leon fly fishing on MFlyShop.com.

Top Secret Fly Fishing Dubois WY Style:

We were fishing a combination of nymphs.

An “LB” and a Blood Back Nymph pattern together seemed to be working well today.

I did more picture taking than fly fishing, but managed to get on the water for a bit.

The question was, would I shake this “whitefish syndrome”?


Speaking of Leon – Listen To This Free PODCAST! #2


PODCAST #2: The Top 3 Tips About Fly Fishing In Dubois From A Pro Guide!


Actually I caught a couple of trout so I’m not a loser! (That is a joke really – I love catching any kind of fish – whitefish included.

It’s all good…

Brown Trout Jumping. Nate doing well on the Wind River


By the way, in this video, I included a few images of a beautiful Trail that gives handicap access to folks along the Wind River in several areas.

This project was completed recently with the help and support of DAWGS – The Dubois Anglers and Wildlife Group, a Non-Profit organization. The trail is a red clay colored concrete, very smooth and provides numerous access points for anglers and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

Great early Spring day of fly fishing.

Come Fly Fishing With Us!

Best Wishes for Great Fishes!

by Bradley Marlow
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Do You Need A Dubois WY Fly Fishing Guide?


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Image credits include: Bradley Marlow and Leon Sanderson. Leon took the pictures of me catching the nice little brown and proving once and for all, he can actually catch a trout. Whew! (I am still the Whitefish King though)

Produced and Edited by Bradley Marlow

Royalty free music licensed by www.stockmusic.net. We purchased the blanket Royalty Free License for the music track used in this fly fishing Dubois WY on the Wind River video on 4/10/2011.

Originally Published Spring 2011 – Updated on March 2015

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