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  • Cadillac reformers. A trapeze table, also known as a Cadillac, is one of Pilates’ inventions. It is a table with a frame over it to which straps are attached. Some of the more expensive reformer machines combine the two functions, so you can convert between trapeze table and reformer.
  • Professional reformers. The professional, or studio, reformers are simply machines that are designed to be durable and versatile for heavy gym use. Many include a tower, an extra frame over the head of the reformer for additional exercises.
  • Home reformers. These are essentially the same as professional models but generally less expensive, less durable, and without the tower attachment.
  • Smaller reformers. Space can be an issue, so some reformers are designed to be smaller or even lower to the ground. Smaller machines can be tipped up for storage, while the lower machines can fit under most beds.

How Much is a Pilates Reformer?

Group reformer sessions in a gym can cost between $25 and $35 each, while individual sessions with trainers may be up to $90. Over weeks and months this adds up to a major expense. If you’re into Pilates and do it often, you may consider taking that money and investing it in a home machine.

For home Pilates reformers, you can choose from the most basic, inexpensive designs to top-of-the-line styles and brands, like those used in boutique gyms. The cost ranges quite a bit and falls into similar categories as you’ll see with treadmills.

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