Scott Rods Technology: Ti, X-Core, ARC, Mil-Spec, Multi-Modulus, Natural Finish

Scott Rods Technology: Ti, X-Core, ARC, Mil-Spec, Multi-Modulus, Natural Finish

Scott Rods: When We See the New Icons for Tech Specs – What Do They Mean?


Scott Fly Rods Technology: Explained

Scott Rods are still Made in the USA. We appreciate that.


Recently, Scott Fly Rods has made a concerted effort to create Scott Icons that denote specific Scott Rods technology.


They have done a brilliant job (in my humble opinion).
My goal here? To create a central “information station” that would explain what each of these Scott icons mean.
Learn about Ti, X-Core, ARC, Mil-Spec, Multi-Modulus, Natural Finish, and SC Glass. So now, you can easily have one place to learn about the Scott Rods Technology and their definitions.
I hope you find it a convenient source of information.
This Scott Rods Technology is found on certain rods. Depending on the rod series, as listed below, each may contain one or more of this tech:


The Scott Rods Icon, Made In The USA is self explanatory. However, to go beyond that and learn more about the history of Scott Rods, check out this extremely well produced video by Ben and Travis of  Felt Soul Media.


Scott Fly Rod Company Video: Called “Scott Behind The Scenes.” A Look Inside Scott Rods

Without further ado – Here are the answers on Scott Rods Technology as well as some handy pics with the new Scott Rods Icons.
Scott Rods Technology | X-Core  Definition

What is Scott Rods X-Core Technology?

Scott Fly Rods X-Core Technology

Scott Rods X-Core technology is found in the following rods:

  • The Scott Radian Rod
  • The Scott G2 Rod
  • The Scott S4 Rod
  • The Scott S4s Rod
  • The Scott T3h Rod
  • The Scott M Fly Rod

“Enhanced feel, incredible stability and unequaled performance. X-Core combines the industry’s leading composite technologies with cutting edge design.


Diameter is proportional to stiffness and strength, and X-Core, or Expanded Core, technology delivers blanks that transmit feel and maintain stability better than any other design approach.


We use fast taper mandrels with low-mass, thin-walled blanks and proprietary ARC reinforcement to create rods that have stiffness with feel, and stability with sensitivity.


This design helps the rod come alive in your hands. It’s a superior approach to the slow taper, thick walled designs that deliver stiffness at the expense of feel.”


Scott Rods Technology | ARC Definition


ARC Technology by Scott

ARC Technology by Scott Rods: Definition


Scott Rods ARC technology is found in the following rods:

  • The Scott Radian Rod
  • The Scott G2 Rod
  • The Scott M Rod
  • The Scott S4 Rod
  • The Scott S4S Rod
  • The Scott L2h Rod
  • The Scott T3h Rod



“ARC stands for Advanced Reinforced Carbon. This tech reduces torque and increases strength.


Scott is the leader in carbon blank reinforcements.


Our latest ARC technology adds hoop strength to our blanks without adding weight, and counteracts torque that can reduce casting accuracy and line control.”


Scott Rods Technology | Ti Definition


Scott Fly Rods Technology Ti Definition Post at Marlows Fly Shop online:

Scott Fly Rods Technology Ti Definition and Information

Scott Rods Ti technology is found in the following rods:

  • The Scott Radian Rod
  • The Scott S4S Rod
  • The Scott M Rod
  • The Scott T3h Rod

“With the highest strength to weight ratio and corrosion resistance of any metal, our titanium guide frames let you worry about the fishing, and not about the salt.


When we set out to build the best fly rods, we knew that we had to use the best components. We use guides made from materials chosen for their strength, lightness, and corrosion resistance. Frames are made from pure titanium – 65% lighter than equivalent stainless steel guides, and 100% corrosion resistant.


Silicon carbide (SiC) rings are diamond polished to create the smoothest surface of any ceramic material. Just like our frames, SiC is resistant to abrasion, corrosion, and thermal shock.

Why would you want guides made from anything else?”

Scott Rods Technology | Multi Modulus Definition


Multi-Modulus Tech by Scott Rods

Multi-Modulus Tech by Scott Rod Technology definition


Scott Rods Multi-Modulus technology is found in the following rods:


  • The Scott G2 Rod
  • The Scott A4 Rod
  • The Scott Radian Rod
  • The Scott S4S Rod
  • The Scott M Rod
  • The Scott T3h Rod
  • The Scott L2h Rod

“Fine-tuned flex and recovery. Scott pioneered the use of multi modulus fiber lay ups in blank design.


By varying the fiber tensile modulus along the length of the rod, we’re able to precisely control the stiffness and recovery speed of our blanks. The result is a rod that loads and unloads more smoothly.”


Scott Rods Technology | Mil-Spec III Definition


Learn about the Scott Fly Rods Mil-Spec 3 Technology

Scott Rods Mil-Spec III Definition


Scott Rods Mil-Spec III technology is found in the following rods:


  • The Scott T3h Rod
  • The Scott M Rod
  • The Scott S4s Rod

“Scott Rods Technology – Another first, brought to you by Scott.


Most reel seats are made with a glossy, thin, and easily marred type 2 anodize. Scratches in type 2 anodize expose the aluminum underneath, leading to worn finishes and potential for corrosion.


Our Mil-Spec III anodize penetrates the surface of the aluminum, creating the hardest, most durable, and most corrosion resistant finish available. Mil-Spec III prevents galvanic reactions with dissimilar metals and is resistant to temperatures above 900 degrees fahrenheit.”


Scott Rods Technology | Natural Finish Definition


Scott Rods Tech Natural Finish

Scott Rods Natural Finish Definition


Scott Rods Natural Finish technology is found in the following rods:


  • The Scott Radian Rod
  • The Scott G2 Rod
  • The Scott A4 Rod
  • The Scott S4s Rod
  • The Scott T3h Rod
  • The Scott L2h Rod
  • The Scott M Rod

“Walk down a rod rack at your local fly shop and you’ll notice something different about Scott rods. Like everything we do, the Scott Natural Finish is all about making your rod lighter, more durable, and better performing.


Most other rods on the shelf are run through a belt sander, tearing away the outside power fibers of the blank and introducing variance. Inadvertent flat-spotting during the sanding process will weaken a blank, and blanks are designed with a margin of error to accommodate for over-sanding. After the blank is sanded, a glossy paint is applied to add shelf appeal.


Natural finish blanks aren’t subjected to the rip through the sanding belt, nor are they covered with heavy paint to add pop in your fly shop. We’re firm believers in the natural beauty of graphite. A natural finish blank is built to exacting tolerances. Scott’s advanced resin systems permeate the blank, leaving a durable finish that will stand up to years of abuse.”


 Scott Rods Technology | S2 Glass Definition


Scott Rods

“Scott Rods Technology – S2 GLASS – Scott’s proprietary S2 glass is an innovative highly unidirectional glass and epoxy composite that helps us continue to advance fiberglass rod design. Our glass rods are light, responsive, and exhibit the highest recovery speeds in fiberglass rods. Now you get all the feel of glass with high performance.”


S2 Glass Definition for Scott Rods Fiberglass Technology

S2 Glass Scott Rods Technology


Scott Rods S2 Glass technology is found in the following rods:


  • The Scott F2 Fiberglass Fly Rod

All Made In The USA Scott Rods are Proudly Backed by the Scott Fly Rod Warranty


All Scott Fly Rods are literally Hand-Crafted in Colorado – from beginning to end. Exquisite fly fishing rods – Scott Fly Rods are the choice of discerning Anglers.


We are Proud to be an official Authorized Dealer for Scott Fly Rods. Here is what Scott Rods has to say about their preferred Dealers


“Building a Scott rod is a special experience just like fishing one. We think your experience at a fly fishing pro shop should be too. That’s why we only partner with a very select group of specialty fly fishing retailers who are committed to exceptional service and have a passion for sharing their knowledge and expertise. You won’t find Scott fly rods in every fly shop, or in any big box retailer. After all, they wouldn’t be special then, would they?”
See all of the Official Scott Fly Rod Videos on our Marlows Fly Shop Youtube Channel. We have created a Scott Fly Rods Playlist for you. Enjoy!


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