Hardy Zenith 4wt Review I Love This Fly Rod

Hardy Zenith 4wt Review I Love This Fly Rod

A Hardy Zenith 4wt Review | For Float Tubing Bluegill To Wild Wyoming Trout

Hardy Zenith Rod: Not Just For Trout

Hardy Zenith 9 foot 4 weight rod review

I caught this red ear (about 9 inches) while fly fishing my 9′ 4wt Hardy Zenith fly rod in Oklahoma.

It took a while but I finally broke down and bought a Hardy Zenith 4wt 9ft fly rod. So far, I have used it to catch Trout on the Wind River in Wyoming and Bluegill and Bass in Oklahoma.

Some of us do not live near trout water, but that is no reason to put up your 4 weight Hardy Zenith and tie flies until your next trip to play with trout.

Dennis Kidd

Now my Hardy Zenith 4 wt rod is bending in the middle and bouncing with each surge and dash. In the end, my reward was a beautiful sunfish!

The rest of the Country is filled with ponds and small lakes that have lots of sunfish, bass and crappie which will make your day.

Float Tube Fly Fishing In Oklahoma With My Zenith Rod

For me, a fun filled day starts with topping off the float tube and filling the pockets with streamers and nymphs. Donning a pair of fins, I launch into the water with my Hardy Zenith 4 wt fly rod and a Lamson fly reel.

Review: Float tube fly fishing with a Hardy 4 weight rod. A Nice White Bass

A White Bass caught in OK. Fly fishing with the Hardy Zenith 4wt fly rod from a float tube. Fun!

A well designed tube makes for a day of fishing from a lounge chair.

I like U shaped tubes like the Outcast tubes which have nice backrests. I also like lots of storage for tackle and snacks.

I like to use a 9 ft leader with a streamer in chartreuse and white colors in early Spring, going to a yellow and red or red and white winged streamer as things warm up usually works well.

Followed a size 10 nymph like the blood back or ladies night out, the fly fishing fun is about to start!

Floating along the bank, I hear the birds singing and watch the Hawks circling over head. The breeze is nice.

The Hardy Zenith 4 weight rod is surprisingly light!

I’m always amazed with its casting power and it makes the perfect tubing rod. 40 foot casts into small opening in weed lines are easy.

The great feeling in the tip lets you feel everything your flies touch on the slow stripping retrieve that warm water fish love to see.

Soon the fun starts, a lot of smaller guys love the trailing nymph and a 5 to 6 inch Bluegill can easily bend the 4 wt Zenith as it darts and swirls around truing to escape.

If you are lucky enough to have Green Sunfish in your water, you know they will try to rip your rod out of your hand when they hit. The 8 to 10 inchers normally will take to the streamer.

Loving The Fight

These guys know how to fight, diving for deep water and weeds and keeping you thinking about too much pressure and the hook will pull out and not enough pressure and him wrap me in the weeds.

Now my Hardy Zenith 4 wt rod is bending in the middle and bouncing with each surge and dash. In the end, my reward was a beautiful sunfish. Of course, I let the 9 inch and larger ones go to be breeders.

My Hardy Zenith rod and Lamson fly reel (with fish!)

I caught a few of these guys at Lookout Lake in Oklahoma.

When you find a 12 to 18 inch bass you will have a fight on your hands. They will pull you around in your tube and put a deep bend in your Zenith.

Their runs will do honor to the smooth drag system on my Lamson reel.

The most interesting thing is that often the 16 to 18 inch bass will take the size 12 nymph rather than the size 10 or 8 streamer.

So, do not use light tippet on your dropper. I never go below 4X to the dropper and 3X at the streamer.

The Hardy Zenith Works Great In The Wind Too

The next time you are sitting around wishing you could be fly fishing for Trout, grab a Zenith rod and float tube and head to a pond for some warm water fun.

Do not worry about the wind.

Your Zenith, unlike many 4wt rods, will cast your double fly rig 20 to 40 feet into the wind. No problem. Your reward will be the tug of the line from some good fighting fish.

Hope you enjoyed this Hardy Zenith 4wt Review…

Red Ear Sunfish - Dennis Kidd

I caught this Red Ear Sunfish on a BH Ladies Night Out

I sure enjoyed catching those warm-water fish!


















by Dennis Kidd

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