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John and Julie D - Indiana

Thank you so much Bradley. My wife Julie and I had the best time! Larry put us right on this fish. This was our 2nd year taking a fly fishing trip with Marlow’s Fly Shop and Central Booking. We will definitely be back.


Current Wyoming Fly Fishing Guide Rates for 2015


Wyoming Fly Fishing Guide Rates | Wade Fly Fishing | Drift Boat | Lake Boat

Wyoming Fly Fishing Guide Rates | Here you can see the current rates for fly fishing in or around the Dubois WY area. We have several options for you to choose from. If you need a Special Guide Package - or are coming in a large Group - feel free to get in touch with us! 307-455-2620 Or Contact Us using our convenient form.

Type Of Guide TripPeople GoingWyoming Guide RateLunch Included
Wade Fly Fishing | 1/2 Day1 Person One Guide$250NO
Wade Fly Fishing | 1/2 Day2 People One Guide$350NO
Wade Fly Fishing | Full Day1 Person One Guide$350YES
Wade Fly Fishing | Full Day2 People One Guide$450YES
Drift Boat Fly Fishing | 1/2 Day1-2 People One GuidePlease InquireNO
Drift Boat Fly Fishing | Full Day1 Person One Guide$425YES
Drift Boat Fly Fishing | Full Day2 People One Guide$475YES
Lake Boat Fly Fishing | 1/2 Day1-2 People One GuidePlease InquireNO
Lake Boat Fly Fishing | Full Day1 Person One Guide$425YES
Lake Boat Fly Fishing | Full Day2 People One Guide$475YES
*More Than 2 People 1 GuideAdd On 1 Person + 1 More GuidePlease InquireTBD


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What Should I Bring?

Of course, this will depend on the type of Guided Wyoming Fly Fishing Trip you select.

In general, you will want to bring the following:

    • Fly Rod and Reel For Wade Fly Fishing: 8′ 6″ to 9′ 0″ 4wt-6wt Rod. If you are Nymphing, Tossing Streamers of Battling the Famous WY Winds – Bring the 6wt fly rod. Going after beautiful Brookies on Dry Flies: Bring a 4-5wt rod
    • Fly Rod and Reel For Drift Boat Fly Fishing: Including Lakes or Big Rivers Like the Bighorn or Snake: 9′ to 9′ 6″ – 6wt Rod
    • Waders and Boots: A nice set of waders with neoprene booties is always good to have. Boots: If you are wade fly fishing, bring felt sole boots. If you have Korkers with the interchangeable soles, bring both Rubber and Felt soles but USE THE FELT on our freestone rivers and streams!
    • Polarized Sunglasses: (An absolute necessity)
    • Sunscreen: (An absolute necessity)
    • Bear Spray: (An absolute necessity). If you are with one of our Fly Fishing Guides on a wade trip – they will have Bear Spray.
    • Bug Spray: Especially in the early Summer all the way through the Fall months
    • No Cotton! No Jeans! Layer up with Technical Clothing that keeps you drier than cotton, cooler (and warmer) and has built in UPF
    • Rain Gear and Cold Weather Gear: We live in the Wild West and our weather can change in a flash! Bring a Waterproof Jacket and Pants. Bring a warm jacket, a good hat that covers your ears and gloves. Be prepared with an extra set of dry clothes. Store them in a waterproof bag. You just never know. We’ve seen it snow and hail in July.
    • Water Water Water
    • Snacks: Healthy snacks are great. Your Guide will often bring an assortment of snacks on half day trip. Full day trips have lunch included


    For a Very Thorough List Of Things To Bring When Fly Fishing In Wyoming…Check This Out!


    The Top 20 Things You Don’t Want To Forget When Fly Fishing In Wyoming


    What If I Don’t Have Any Gear At All?


    When you book through Marlow’s Fly Shop, we will make sure that you have the following fly fishing gear.

    At no extra charge

    • Fly Rod
    • Fly Reel with Line and Leader
    • Wading Boots or Hip Boots
    • Your Guide Will Also Provides Flies
    • You Will Have To Buy Your Own WY Fishing License


    Where Can I Get A Wyoming Fly Fishing License?

    You will have to get your own WY fishing license.

    You can certainly purchase your Wyoming Fishing License at Marlow’s Fly Shop.

    These days, you can also buy your Wyoming Fishing License Online. This has been a very convenient way for folks to get a Wyoming Fishing License. One reason that is the case, you can print out your fishing license on the spot.

    Very cool.


    What Is Your Deposit and Cancellation Policy?

    This is pretty easy and straightforward.

    We simply ask for a Deposit of 50% of the Guided Wyoming Fly Fishing Trip you want to experience.

    If you want to cancel, just give us a minimum of a 30 day notice. If cancelling with less than a 30 Day Notice, the deposit will be forfeited.

    If an Emergency pops up – just let us know (we are pretty easy to work with).

    A NOTE ABOUT THE WEATHER: As mentioned Wyoming Weather can be crazy. If your Fly Fishing Guide thinks that the current weather will present a potential threat to your safety, we will refund your Guide booking. We can also look at rescheduling, with of course, no added fees.


    Who Will Be The Wyoming Fly Fishing Guide?

    Great question! We work with several extremely gifted Wyoming Fly Fishing Guides.

    A number of things will vary.

    The time you book your trip. The Guides and their schedules – you get the idea

    No matter what –  you will always have a great Guide or Guides take you (and your Family and Friends) out.


    How About Gratuity?

    That is certainly a great question and one we get asked rather frequently.

    We do NOT include Gratuity in our Wyoming Fly Fishing Guide Rates.

    We leave that between You and your Professional Guide. If you had a wonderful experience with your Guide, gratuity is always appreciated.


    Are You Permitted?

    Quick Answer: Absolutely. Yes. 100%.

    Guide Trips on the Forest: Under Hire through special permits with Absaroka Ranch, LLC., on the Shoshone National Forest and the Bridger-Teton National Forest

    Guides that take you on the Bighorn River or the Green River or have been issued Special Use Permits from Boysen State Park, Bighorn Basin BLM and the Green River Fontenelle Bureau of Reclamation. These have been obtained by Dunoir Fishing Adventures, LLC.