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Oopsy! Fill Those Waders Up With A Little Cold Water Ok?

Dubois, WY and the Wind River is a secret few fly anglers around here will discuss. So it is at my potential peril I share this fly fishing report and video with you.

Fly Fishing Fun Once Again!

Larry Finally Got The Crazy Brown Trout. Both Leon and Larry filled up their waders in the process πŸ˜‰

March 19th, 2011: Went fly fishing the Wind River near Dubois, Wyoming today.

Absolutely beautiful day to go fly fishing. The temps were in the upper 30’s and until about 2pm MST, the winds were fairly calm.

I was with fly fishing friends – Leon Sanderson (a pro local fly fishing guide) and another Local Fly Fishing Guide Larry.

We all had a great day of it!

Made a video of these fun fly fishing images and there is even a High Definition version if you like.

You can watch the video here at the top of this page

Fly Fishing The Wind River Range Video – Spring Fly Fishing Report

Watch that crazy video!

First thing Leon did was to do a little bug inspection.

Fly fishing bugs. Stonefly Nymphs looking tasty

Larry tossed his recent Stonefly tie into Leon’s hand. Great Match!

Leon spotted a Yellow Stonefly Nymph (or Plecoptera) and Larry matched that up right away by tossing one of his Stonefly patterns next to the real deal.

Of course, we also used some “Humphreys Specials”, named after Joe Humphreys, that Leon had tied up.

Top secret stuff right there.

Plus, various bead heads were thrown in to the mix for good measure.

Highlights for Fly Fishing The Wind River Range in March

Down For The Count!

Highlight of the day was when Larry hooked up with a big old brown trout.

He nearly had the Brown landed, then it then proceeded to swim under and around a rock!

A little help from friends-Always good fly fishing etiquette

Hang on everyone! Wow! That Brown Found The Deepest Part Of The Water!


This scenario eventually led to Larry falling in the water.

Then Leon came to help Larry out, and Leon fell in the water as well.

I tried to capture the whole thing but missed a couple of the money shots as I was asking if everyone was alright.

They were both fine, so that was good. Still managed to get a few fun images.

Larry got the brown freed up enough to finally bring him in.

Leon went on to catch some more nice rainbow trout and a brown of his own.

I managed to catch 2 more nice sized whitefish. lol.

However, you won’t hear any complaints from me. πŸ™‚

Fun day.

Best Wishes for Great Fishes!

by Bradley Marlow
Marlow’s Fly Shop | Central Booking
Fly Shop Online (Wyoming)
202 East Ramshorn Street
Dubois, Wyoming 82513
(307) 455-2620

UPDATE: Also check out the Winter Wind River Fly Fishing Report Video January

PS: Larry was fly fishing with a nice a 4 piece, 9.0 footer, 5 weight Scott fly rod. 5 wt fly rods are pretty common in many areas, including Dubois, Wyoming.

Image credits include: Bradley Marlow and Leon Sanderson. He took the pictures of Bradley Marlow catching the whitefish (I am the Whitefish King)

Produced and Edited by Bradley Marlow

Royalty free music licensed by I purchased the blanket Royalty Free License for the two tracks used in this Dubois WY Wind River fly fishing video on 9/28/2010.

Surrounded by countless lakes, streams, creeks and of course rivers, we are fortunate to have access to fly fishing places like most people can only dream about.

The Wind River Mountain range offers a plethora of fly fishing opportunities and the scenery is breathtaking.

Some of our favorite fly fishing gear includes fly fishing reels like Lamson Reels, Ross Reels, SA and RIO Fly Lines, Scott Fly Rods, Hardy and Fly Fishing Rods and reels. You know, the good stuff.

Good fly fishing waders so when we fall in the river we stay dry – like what happened here) so you will see some of these items in this video. We only like to sell equipment that we actually use and trust – day in and day out.

This Fly Fishing The Wind River Range post Video was UPDATED: February, 10, 2015

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  1. "Both fell into the water" - LOL

    Great video, good fishes and a great soundtrack, too.
    Can you tell me what music it is?


    1. Lol...thank you Frank.

      Glad you liked the video and appreciate your comments.

      The music is Royalty Free music I purchased from a website called The have high quality music you can buy the rights to use for videos, soundtracks, film, podcasting and more. A great company indeed.

      That track is called "Rockafunkaholic" - and was written and produced by B Warren. It can be found on the Rock Eclectic album (if you are interested.)

      Hope that helps a bit.

      Best wishes and Come Fly Fishing with Us!


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