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  • Greys Streamflex XF2 Fly Rod Picture Free Line and Free Shipping
  • Greys xf2 streamflex fly rod review and pictures at mflyshop.com
  • Free Fly Line for the Greys XF2 Rod from MFlyShop.com
Greys Streamflex XF2 Fly Rod Picture Free Line and Free Shipping


Greys XF2 Streamflex Fly Rod (Free Fly Line Free Shipping)

PLEASE CALL Before Ordering. UPDATED August 2014: Need more information about the new Greys XF2 Streamflex Fly Rod? You’ve come to the right place! We have Official Hardy and Greys review video about the Streamflex XF2 rods and the entire XF2 line right here. There is another video on Greys XF2 Streamflex Fly Rod review and the Greys Streamlite Reel as a great combo for Czech Nymphing. Plus – A great Testimonial was sent in from one of our terrific Customers that you will want to read! UPDATE: Special Thanks to Sean who wrote in and pointed out that I missed the Greys XF2 Streamflex Fly Rod Model GROXF2SF906 9′ 6 wt! Got her in there now! So let’s get started.  Update! Read our latest Greys XF2 Streamflex Testimonial too. It’s excellent! PS: The price on these Greys Streamflex rods will certainly surprise you.

Special MFlyShop.com Bonus! NEW! Up to a $60 RIO or Hardy Fly Line Option: Free Fly Line and Free Shipping in the USA when you purchase the Greys XF2 Streamflex fly rod from MFlyShop.com. YES Hawaii and Alaska too. NEW! Flat rate of just $5 for all our fly fishing friends in Canada. Please read our Free Shipping Terms for more information on this special.)

Greys fishing released the Streamflex XF2 and they were hardly prepared for the overwhelming response. While the “Streamflex” line has been around for about 5 years and extremely popular, the Greys XF2 Streamflex fly rod is new this year and offers you a much wider selection. XF2 stands for “X Fly 2″ – Greys Streamflex XF2 – and gives you much more range for specialized fly fishing. Now you can choose from a 6 foot, 2 weight all the way up to an 11 foot 4 weight – giving you an added advantage in a more specific or niche line of fly rod. (The Greys XF2 Streamflex fly rod Review Testimonial – “Greys 10′ XF2 for the 2 weight line” from Tom B is just below.)

Greys XF2 Streamflex Fly Rod Video Review: Greys Born To Fish, Product Manager, Howard Croston introduces the full, new XF2 fly rod range. This video includes the Greys XF2 rod, XF2 Streamflex(this post), XF2 Streamflex Plus, and XF2 Carnivore. Includes a demo of how to use the XF2 Streamflex Plus extension section.

We would call the Greys XF2 Streamflex fly rod a “light line” fly rod. It features a quality cork handle with rubberized cork applied on the wear sections. There are sealed, line up marks for convenience and they wont wear out. Beautiful Maple burl wood spacer and an anodized aluminum reel seat with twin locking nuts. – redesigned blank featuring a middle to tip high recover specialist fly rod, light line and longer fly rod choices

Greys XF2 Streamflex fly rod all come as a 4 piece fly rod. The Streamflex is one of four fly fishing rod choices in the XF2 line. FYI: Those are as follows: XF2, XF2 Streamflex (on this page), XF2 Streamflex Plus and XF2 Carnivore.

From Greys Fishing: Greys XF2 Streamflex Fly Rod
“The Greys XF2 Streamflex Fly Rod is an all new, in-house designed rod with stunning maple burl wooden spacers, high grade alloy reel fittings and section line up marks.
With Greys superb custom-composite tipped handle combined with a new advanced blank design the XF2 is a light line rod that can’t be bettered.”

  • High modulus carbon construction
  • Section line up marks
  • High grade cork and composite hybrid handle
  • Anodized aluminum reel seat with maple burl spacers
  • Twin reel seat locking nuts
  • Triangular color coded Cordura rod tube

More Greys XF2 Streamflex Fly Rod Testimonials

“This rod is a blast, from euro style nymphing, to indicator fishing, to tossing dries…it is a true pleasure to fish!”
- Steve J.: Massachusetts

Model Code Length (ft / m) Rating Sections Weight (oz / g) Handle Price ($)
XF2 Streamflex Rods GROXF2SF602 6 / 1.82 #2 4 2.11 / 60 RHW $245.00
XF2 Streamflex Rods GROXF2SF663 6’6 / 2.01 #3 4 2.18 / 62 RHW $249.00
XF2 Streamflex Rods GROXF2SF703 7 / 2.13 #3 4 2.43 / 69 RHW $255.00
XF2 Streamflex Rods GROXF2SF764 7’6 / 2.31 #4 4 2.46 / 70 RHW $259.00
XF2 Streamflex Rods GROXF2SF804 8 / 2.43 #4 4 2.75 / 78 RHW $269.00
XF2 Streamflex Rods GROXF2SF865 8’6 / 2.62 #5 4 2.85 / 81 RHW $279.00
XF2 Streamflex Rods GROXF2SF866 8’6 / 2.62 #6 4 2.82 / 80 RHW $279.00
XF2 Streamflex Rods GROXF2SF902 9 / 2.74 #2 4 2.92 / 83 RHW $289.00
XF2 Streamflex Rods GROXF2SF903 9 / 2.74 #3 4 3.10 / 88 RHW $289.00
XF2 Streamflex Rods GROXF2SF904 9 / 2.74 #4 4 3.20 / 91 RHW $299.00
XF2 Streamflex Rods GROXF2SF905 9 / 2.74 #5 4 3.20 / 91 RHW $299.00
XF2 Streamflex Rods GROXF2SF906 9 / 2.74 #6 4 3.20 / 91 RHW $299.00
XF2 Streamflex Rods GROXF2SF102 10 / 3.04 #2 4 3.17 / 90 RHW $309.00
XF2 Streamflex Rods GROXF2SF103 10 / 3.04 #3 4 3.28 / 93 RHW $309.00
XF2 Streamflex Rods GROXF2SF104 10 / 3.04 #4 4 3.28 / 93 RHW $319.00
XF2 Streamflex Rods GROXF2SF105 10 / 3.04 #5 4 3.31 / 94 RHW $319.00
XF2 Streamflex Rods GROXF2SF113 11 / 3.35 #3 4 3.38 / 96 RHW+EH $329.00
XF2 Streamflex Rods GROXF2SF114 11 / 3.35 #4 4 4.45 / 98 RHW+EH $339.99

Testimonial For the Greys XF2 Streamflex Fly Rod 10′ 2 weight – From Tom B.

“Brad: First of all I would like to thank you for the terrific service on my order and delivery of my Greys 10′ Streamflex XF2 for the 2 weight line. I’ve told everyone that I’ve come in contact with (fishing circles of course) about the great service I got from you.

I am very impressed with the quality of the rod, and some of the innovative features of same. The neatest thing (specially since it’s a 4 piece rod) is the DOT LINE UP SYSTEM. The female end has a white dot while the male section has a black dot, but with a black line from the end to the dot.
Way Cool, I thought how come nobody else has thought of that!

The reel seat is great, and the blank is beautiful.

I first read about the rod in the March/April issue of American Angler in an article; The Nymph-Rod Revolution by David Klausmeyer. Interesting I thought, maybe I should get one of these. You have to understand this was in the dentists office; I was there for a checkup/cleaning,so anything pertaining to fishing would seem good!

I guess I found you on line, and the free shipping, and line were a definite incentive. I finally got to fish the rod a few days after I received it.

I belong to a club that specializes in trout fishing and bird hunting.
So I, and my best friend Callie who points (pheasant, Chukar Partridge, Wood Cock, and Most specially Ruffed Grouse) went trout fishing.

The wind was a little rough for a 2 weight, so I fished my Scott 9′ for a 5wgt and caught 6 Brookies. Wanting to fish the 2 Weight I put it together and dropped down to the stream at the outlet of the pond.

The first fish that I caught on the Greys Streamflex 10′ for the 2 weight was a 22″ Rainbow (3 1/2 to 4 lbs.) No Problem!

The second fish was a nice hold- over Brown with a butter yellow belly and bright red spots. All the fish I caught were released in good health.
I understand that this was not a wild fish, but they were no wimps!

I’m a pioneer in saltwater fly fishing here in Connecticut, and have caught Striped Bass to 30 lbs. Blue Fish to 15 lbs. False Albacore and Weak Fish all on the fly rod.

In addition I have fished for, and caught Atlantic Salmon, and Landlock Salmon, and Bonefish in the Bahamas so I do know about wild fish
I would not hesitate to fish for anything I’ve caught in fresh water (save Atlantic Salmon) with the Greys XF2 Streamflex 2 weight.

Brad, I’m sorry I don’t have any pictures for you maybe at a latter date.
Tight lines;”

Tom B – Connecticut

Greys XF2 Streamflex Fly Rod Review Video: Greys Streamflex 10′ 3wt and Greys Streamlite Combo

From Fly Tying Specialties.com, This gentleman reviews the Greys XF2 Streamflex Fly Rod 10′ 3wt and the Streamlite Reel as the Ultimate fly fishing combo set up for Czech Nymphing. PS: If you are looking for an excellent light fly reel to go with your Streamflex XF2 Rod, be sure to take a look at the Greys Streamlite Fly Reels and the Greys GTec reel for and excellent match. Marlows Fly Shop is extremely proud to be an Official Dealer for the Hardy and Greys fly fishing line of products.

A Great Testimonial for the Greys GTec Fly Reel and the Streamflex XF2 Fly Rod! Here is a professional fly fishing guide who says WOW! when it comes to the Greys GTec and Greys 10′ 3 weight XF2 Streamflex Combination (Especially as a Nymping Rig)

“I received the new XF2 Streamflex rod about two months ago and matched the rod with a Greys GTec 310 reel loaded with a weight forward floating 6wt Scientific Anglers Mastery Series Nymph line…All I Can Say Is WOW!”

His name is Matt Burmaster and he is a Professional Fly Fishing Guide out of Colorado – Aspen that is :)


Visit our Marlows Fly Shop Youtube Channel.

Thank You for checking out the Greys XF2 StreamFlex Fly Rod!Thank you so much for stopping by!

We Really Appreciate You and Your Business!

Best Wishes for Great Fishes,

by Bradley Marlow
Owner: Marlow’s Fly Shop and MFlyShop.com
116 East Ramshorn Unit 1A
Dubois, Wyoming
(307) 455-2620

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to Contact Marlows Fly Shop. We’re happy to help!

PS: Here are some more great fly fishing sites I found.

Thank you so much for visiting Marlows Fly Shop Online - Bradley Marlow

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Fly Fishing Colorado
Texas Pictures - CBS News
Picks and Pans Review: Scientific Anglers Trout Series : People.com

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