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  • Hardy Angel 2 Fly Reel Deal  Free Fly Line and Free shipping
  • Hardy Angel 2 Reel Deal: Free Fly Line Free Shipping from MFlyShop.com Recommended Fly line Free
  • Hardy Angel 2 Fly Reel Detail Images Free Shipping and Free Fly Line
Hardy Angel 2 Fly Reel Deal  Free Fly Line and Free shipping

Starting from: $295.00USD Final Price: $USD

Hardy Angel 2 Fly Reel and Video (Free Fly Line Free Shipping)

UPDATE: The Hardy Angel 2 Fly Reel has been discontinued and we have sold out of all existing stock. Please feel free to see all of the newest Hardy Reels

Were we excited to get the Hardy Angel 2 Fly Reel in? You bet! This is one “sexy” looking reel in the Hardy Fly Reels line up. In addition to it’s beauty, this newly designed Hardy fly reel comes loaded with exceptional new features you will love. Machined from barstock alloy, the Hardy Angel 2 also incorporates a fully sealed Rulon Disc drag system. It is a large arbor reel and comes with a Lifetime Warranty for the Original owner.

Here is a Hardy Angel Fly Reel Review Video Demonstration

This video is demonstrates how to change a Hardy reel from left to right hand retrieve. It shows the Hardy Angel 2 reel 4-12 wt, the large arbor Swift 4-11 wt, Angel Featherweight 2-4 wt and the Hardy Demon reel, size 4-11 wt. John demonstrates all 4 freshwater large arbor reels.

Another Hardy Angel 2 Fly Reel Review Quote:

“The Angel 2 is perhaps the most elegantly simple and beautiful reel available today. A classic.”
-Robson Green
Read the full Hardy Angel 2 reel review article:

Limited Time MFlyShop.com Special: Free Fly Line and Free Shipping in the USA. YES Hawaii and Alaska too. For a limited time, get Free Hardy Premium fly line, matched perfectly to your new Hardy Angel 2 Fly Reel. Please read our Terms for more information on this special.

Hardy classifies different fly reels into specific categories. The Angel 2 is listed in their Performance reel line and we understand why. Starting with the lightest H00045 Angel 2 Featherweight at a 2/3 wt and going all the way up to the king-sized Hardy Angel 2 Model H00038 11/12 weight, you are sure to find the right reel size for your fly fishing adventures. Here is the official Hardy Angel 2 reel Care and Maintenance PDF for download

Hardy Angel 2 Fly Reel Review: Trout Fisherman reviewed this Hardy fly reel and said:

“Iconic beautiful reel, machined to high standards. All surfaces in contact with the line are very smooth. Sealed drag, performed well at all settings…”
Angel 2 Reel – Trout Fisherman – Free Download PDF on the Hardy Angel 2 Review

From Hardy and Greys On The Angel 2 Fly Reel

Hardy Angel 2 Fly Reels

The Hardy Angel 2 fly reel takes this renowned marque just that little bit further. Improvements have kept this reel in pole position as one of the world’s finest. Equally at home on rivers and still-waters, the range goes from the 2/3 weight (perfect for brooks) up to the 11/12 weight (which handles the biggest salmon). A complete range for every fly fishing situation.

  • Redesigned clutch and a tool-less left/right conversion
  • Concealed check system and improved Rulon Drag System
  • New all‑metal handle with reverse screw fitting
  • Uniquely‑shaped drag knob for instant adjustment
  • Hard‑anodized finish for exceptional durability
  • In its smallest size, the Angel 2 Featherweight features a click-check system
  • Not recommended for saltwater use

Hardy Angel 2 Fly Reel and Extra Spool Specifications

Model Code Spool Code Capacity (m) Weight (oz/g) Diameter Price ($) Spool Price
Angel 2 Featherweight #2/3 H00045 H00046 DT3+24 / WF3+25 3.91 / 111 2.75 / 69 $295.00 $119.00
Angel 2 Featherweight #3/4 H00047 H00048 DT3+43 / WF4+47 4.16 / 118 3.00 / 75 $319.00 $129.00
Angel 2 TE #4/5 H00100 H00102 DT4+55 / WF5+75 6.52 / 185 3.37 / 86 $439.00 $165.00
Angel 2 TE #6/7 H00101 H00103 DT6+85 / WF7+120 6.80 / 193 3.37 / 86 $469.00 $175.00
Angel 2 #4/5 H00036 H00039 DT4+55 / WF5+75 6.52 / 185 3.37 / 86 $439.00 $165.00
Angel 2 #6/7 H00040 H00041 DT6+85 / WF7+120 6.80 / 193 3.37 / 86 $469.00 $175.00
Angel 2 #7/8 H00037 H00042 DT7+140 / WF8+210 7.09 / 201 3.62 / 92 $495.00 $185.00
Angel 2 #9/10 H00043 H00044 DT9+150 / WF10+240 11.14 / 316 3.87 / 98 $519.00 $195.00
Angel 2 #11/12 H00038 H00035 DT11+160 / WF12+300 11.81 / 335 4.18 / 107 $549.00 $209.00

We could call the Hardy Angel 2 fly reel, a  brilliant fly reel made even better. There are two Angel reels designated “Featherweight” and these have been designed for small and light fly rods with an extremely sensitive click-check system to protect even the lightest of tippets. This concealed check-system, has improved the already dependable Rulon drag.

The now Tool-less conversion from right to left hand retrieve speeds things up significantly.

Please note: The Hardy Angel 2 Fly reel series is not intended for saltwater use.

Just for fun, we added this video of a gentleman fly fishing with the Hardy Angel 2 fly rod, a Hardy Marksman Reel and some GPX fly line. Good Times!


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