Fly Fishing Podcast 2 | Top 3 Tips From Pro Wyoming Fly Fishing Guide

Top Tip Number One: “Find Some Water In Montana”

Fly Fishing Podcasts 2: 3 Top Tips From Pro Wyoming Fly Fishing Guide Leon Sanderson.

Fly Fishing Podcast 2

Our dear friend Leon tells us how to fly fish in the Dubois Wyoming area. And so much more!

PS: Leon has since retired from Guiding due to a few nagging injuries.

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Today’s fly fishing podcast and radio show features Leon Sanderson, a Pro fly fishing guide in the Dubois WY area for the last 15 years plus.

In this interview, I asked Leon to pick from a list of possible topics.

Out of them all, he selected the Top Three Tips he could give you – from a fly fishing guide standpoint – to your client.


Fly Fishing Podcast #2

Our dear friend Leon tells us how to fly fish in the Dubois Wyoming area. And so much more!


Pro Wyoming Fly Fishing Guide Leon Discusses The Top Three Fly Fishing Tips




Top 3 Tips From Pro Fly Fishing Guide Leon Sanderson: Just Click The Play Button Above To Listen. Enjoy!

This was an excellent choice and if you listen closely, you will also learn a great deal about the beautiful Wind River Range.

The water, lakes, tributaries, and thousands of miles of available fly fishing water – so much that probably no human soul could fly fish it all in their lifetime.

That means, if you are thinking about fly fishing the Dubois WY area and staying in our lovely, little Western town – you will learn more about this corner or the world in these 29 minutes than you have probably heard thus far.

Wyoming Fly Fishing Podcast Interview

Nymphing The Wind River Will Produce Better Results – Leon Sanderson

Wyoming Fly Fishing Guide Video – By the way: I mentioned a video in this podcast and was going to put it IN the podcast, however, had some difficulty.

As such, I’m posting the fly fishing video here.

This one is a pile of fun and what you will want to watch for are some of the image sequences towards the end of this video.

Some nice fish in there.

Many of those fly fishing pictures were taken by local fly fishing guide and drift boat specialist Jeramie Prine of Dunior Fishing.

Absolutely incredible and one of the nicest guides you could ever meet. 🙂

I hope you enjoy this podcast. It was Originally Published in April of 2011. It was updated March 5th, 2015.

Feel free to download it as an mp3, burn it on a CD and/or listen to it on your iPod while you are making your journey to the next fly fishing hole.

You may now also tune into the M Fly Shop Radio Show and Podcast on iTunes. It is totally FREE and please Subscribe.

Please feel free to write in with your Wyoming fly fishing guide questions and other queries about fly angling out here –  as well as other interviews you would like to hear. You can contact me and let me know your ideas.


Fly Fishing Podcast 2


I look forward to getting comments, suggestions, ideas and more from you.

Until then – Best wishes For Great Fishes

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We’ll See You on the Water,

Come Fly Fishing With Us!

Best Wishes for Great Fishes!

by Bradley Marlow
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  1. Hey Leon - you are looking great - it's snowing here today - yuk!

    1. Hi Peggy,

      This is Brad - Thanks for taking a moment to write in. Much appreciated!

      I'll be sure to let Leon know you made a post here about him "lookin' great" :) You can find Leon at as well.
      Best wishes and Come Fly Fishing With Us!

  2. Hi Leon / Brad,

    Nice trout Leon at 1.23 in the video! What did you end up doing with the whitefish?

    And where exactly is that stream? Looks like a good place to go camping for a couple of days...

    1. Hi Steve,

      Thanks for commenting.

      All the trout and whitefish were released immediately after catching them.

      The stream is the Wind River which flows right through our little mountain town of Dubois, Wyoming. If you are ever in our neck of the woods, feel free to give us a call or stop by. We'll be happy to help you find some fish to catch and enjoy your stay.

      Best wishes :)

  3. Wind River looks like a great place for fly fishing. I run fishing charters in Melbourne Australia, where we actually use rods, as it's out on the bay. But I'm really interested in fly fishing so thanks for your top tips.

    1. Hi William,

      You're welcome and thank you for commenting.

      The Wind River around Dubois: It's one of our "little secrets" :) It's a great place to fly fish.

      If you ever have a chance to visit, you're more than welcome here.

      Best wishes

  4. You’re welcome and thank you for commenting.

    The Wind River around Dubois: It’s one of our “little secrets” :) It’s a great place to fly fish.


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