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Fly Fishing Podcast – Can He Do It?

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That Fish is Rockin’ tha Mic!

Testing 1-2-3 “Is this thing on?”

I’ll be the first to admit that trying to set up a Fly Fishing Podcast seems to be a bit cumbersome.

But, it is something I have wanted to do for a very long time.


This is a test post and podcast, still with good information, just to see how everything integrates.

I’ll also be the first to admit that now that I see how this published, there are definitely a few issues.

Like that “Add To Cart deal shouldn’t be there.

Ah well, the miracles of technology never cease to both amaze and frustrate.

I shall fix it soon.

The ONE podcast enclosures below do appear to be working though so that is a bonus.


Fly Fishing Podcast #1 | The 11 Commandments Of Fly Fishing (This is Only A Test of The Emergency Weirdness System)



The 11 Commandments of Fly Fishing Read by Bradley Marlow: Just Click The Play Button Above To Listen. Enjoy!


Feedburner feed set up? I think so. Nope! Something is jacked up and I’ll need to fix it soon – Integrated with this fly fishing blog? Hopefully.

A way for listeners and viewers to subscribe via email updates? Yepper. Nope – I don’t know.

Host Bradley Marlow

Have a custom logo designed and installed? Check!

Have a few fun announcer transitions paid for? Yes indeed.

Sound effects and royalty free music? Oh yeah.

GarageBand and mic working? Yes it did.

Make two formats including mp3’s? Got it!

Have you contacted iTunes yet and submitted your podcast information? Yes and the good news is that it is now available on iTunes. Very cool.

But wait! I have made the decision to change the name of my fly shop so this will say another name – that’s ok. These newer fly fishing podcasts will have the newer information and everything will be ok (lol) – whew

This is great information from Sheridan Anderson’s book, The Curtis Creek Manifesto. I am simply reading the 11 Commandments of fly Fishing from his great book.

You can find it here. Just click the book. Last I checked it was as low as $12.00 used.

As mentioned, this is a test of the emergency fly fishing podcasts system – this is only a test. It is created in two formats:

1 – A simple mp3 version for listening can be found here. Fast loading and a bit lower quality. Fly Fishing Podcasts 1 – (Before I changed the name of the fly shop to what it is now – M Fly Shop) Radio Test – 11 Commandments of Fly Fishing – Just click the play button or select the Play in New Window option so you can continue to browse while listening:

Fly Fishing Podcast Number One | MFlyShop Radio Show | The 11 Commandments of Fly Fishing


You Will Really Like Fly Fishing Podcast #2! The Top Tips For Fly Fishing Out Here


PODCAST #2: The Top 3 Tips About Fly Fishing In Dubois From A Pro Guide!


Hope you like it! I will get back on track soon enough. Thank you for taking a moment to listen to this fly fishing podcast.

Come fly fishing with us!

by Bradley Marlow (Fellow F.P.I Sufferer)
Owner: Marlow’s Fly Shop and
202 East Ramshorn
Dubois, Wyoming
(307) 455-2620

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  1. I just stumbled across this and I'm SO glad I did. Thanks for all the useful info!

    1. You're welcome Chris. Glad you enjoyed it. Podcasting is another great way to share information about fly fishing, upcoming events, non-profits, etc - and I'm pretty excited about it.

      Will be posting a new episode with Dubois WY fly fishing guide Leon Sanderson very soon.

      Best wishes,

  2. Thank you for these fly fishing tips. I am brand new to it, since moving to Arkansas Ozarks - White River. We are a long way from Wyoming, but my hubby and I travel to WY quite often on summer vacation.

    Might try to talk him into coming to your area next summer.

    thanks again Brad,

    Cindy Davis
    Mountain Home, Arkansas

    1. Hi Cindy,

      You are quite welcome. Hope to see you and your hubby fly fishing Dubois WY next year! It would be great to meet you both.

      Best wishes :)


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