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Fly Fishing Blog

Big Brown Trout Caught The Wind River Dubois Wyoming: VIDEO

Big Brown Trout Video from the Wind River in Dubois, Wyoming

Did he just catch a big brown trout or something?October Surprise: My fly fishing friend and arch-nemesis, Dennis K really had an incredible catch here. We only had 30 minutes so I took him out to a stretch on the Wind River, very close to the house.

Had suggested to him that he tie on the incredible local fly called the “Red and Black”; a heavier streamer pattern that really fishes well with the Browns this time of year.

Fly fished streamer style for a little while and caught a small brown trout about 14 inches before getting into the main part of the Wind River hole.

Before long, Dennis hooked up with this beast and it jumped out of the water in magnificent fashion! Fortunately, I had the GoPro Hero 2 handy and turned it on. So happy I had charged that battery the night before…whew!

Naturally, being the quirky type of individual that I am, decided to cut this big brown trout video together with a purchased royalty free music track that has a lovely Jazz Crooner feel. Lol. I thought it went very well with this great Big Brown Trout fly fishing catch.

Let me know what you think. ok?

I couldn’t be more happy for Dennis K. His smile and joy made my day.

So Dennis – This Big Brown Trout Video is For You :)



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PS: Here is a little more information for those looking for a Wind River Fly Fishing Report for October 2012.

Wind River Fly Fishing Water Report For October 11th, 2012

Wind River Fishing – Water Temperature: Not measured
Upper Wind River Water Flow (Dubois, WY): 70 cfs
Gage Height in Feet: 2.45
Wind River Water Clarity: Excellent
Dubois Wyoming Weather: Temps in the 40′s – 50′s, Gusts up to 15-20mph

Fish Caught: Big Brown Trout

Wading Difficulty Level: Normal to Slick In Spots

Wind River Hatches: General Mayflies, BWO’s and Midges

Recommended Wind River Fly Fishing Streamers or Nymph Rigs:

Streamers You Can Try:

  • The “Red and Black” Bugger
  • Black Wooly Bugger (Size 8-10)

The Red and Black Streamer for Big Brown Trout

Double Nymph Rigs To Try:

  • Large Leggy Stonefly as a Lead Fly (Size 8-10)
  • Gold Ribbed Hare’s Ear as a Dropper (size 12-14)
  • Gold Ribbed Hare’s Ear w/ Flash as a Dropper (size 12-14)
  • Flashback Pheasant Tail as a Dropper (size 12-14)

Big Brown Trout Wind River Fly Fishing Report Dubois Wyoming for October 11th, 2012

Filmed and photographed entirely near beautiful Dubois, Wyoming on the Wind River.

Starring in the Video and/or Images: Mr. Big Brown Trout, my fly fishing arch-nemesis Dennis K and Bradley Marlow

Filmed, Produced and Edited by Bradley Marlow from Marlow’s Fly Shop and MFlyShop.com

Royalty free music licensed by www.stockmusic.net
(That means we purchased it and can use it in our videos legally)

The CUE SHEET for this Track in the Big Brown Trout Video

Track Name: I Really Love You
Track Length: 02m:37s
Composer(s): Rik Pfenninger
Composers’ Performing Rights Organization: ASCAP
Publisher: Rik Pfenninger
Publisher’s Performing Rights Organization: ASCAP

PS: Looking For The BEST Dubois Wyoming Fly Fishing Trip with the Best Dubois Wyoming Fly Fishing Guides?

Visit our Contact Page to make your inquiry.
Or Call: 307-455-2620

Looking forward to answering your questions and helping you enjoy the fly fishing trip of a lifetime :)

Best wishes to you and yours,
Bradley Marlow

Marlow’s Fly Shop | MFlyShop.com | Central Booking
116 East Ramshorn Unit 1A
Dubois, WY. 82513
(307) 455-2620

“Come Fly Fishing With Us!”

A moment with the Brown Trout of his dreams. Well done Dennis!




I should remind you Dennis that this isn’t over – the big brown trout battle still rages on

PS: Here are some more great fly fishing sites I found.

Thank you so much for visiting Marlows Fly Shop Online - Bradley Marlow

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