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Best Fly Reels, Hardy Ultralite DD Reel Review VIDEO

So What Are the Best Fly Reels? The Hardy Ultralite DD Reel Review and Video Report!

Best Fly Reels for the Money. Hardy Ultralite DD Reel Review (Video Still Image)

Hardy Ultralite DD Fly Reel – a Still Image from our video review

Last Spring, I spoke with Jon Malovich, the Hardy and Greys Western Regional Business Manager – about the new DD Reel. Jon gave a great interview…

Best Fly Reels Category: The Hardy Ultralite DD Reel Review

In this fun, info-packed video review  – You Will Learn:

  • How To Convert The Ultralite DD From Right To Left Hand Retrieve
  • What Is 6061 T-6 Aluminum? Why The Best Fly Reels Have It
  • How The Hardy Ultralite DD Reel Drag System Works
  • If You Can PALM The Reel
  • Why The Ultralite DD Fly Reel Won Best Fly Reels Awards at the IFTD Show
  • (That I Can Be “Goofy” at Times – But Hopefully Helpful and Fun)

This Hardy Ultralite DD Reel Review is an attempt to give you information that you may not be aware of.

Like This Hardy Ultralite DD Reel Review Video we did…

In this interview, Hardy and Greys Western Regional Business Manager Jon Malovich, breaks it down.

Best Fly Reels – How Do We Determine That?

Best fly reels post I have been called goofy on more than one occasion.

I have been called goofy on more than one occasion

Of course this is a “loaded question”.

The best fly reels for you may not be the best fly reels for me. You may be an angler who loves fishing the salt and have a special requirement for that activity. I fly fish primarily for trout.

So this would narrow down the parameters for the best fly reels based on application.

Best Fly Reels For Freshwater or Saltwater Fly Fishing?

To put it quickly: For light duty Saltwater applications, Double Handed or Spey fly fishing – the Hardy Ultralite DD Reel will work!

Available in sizes from the Ultralite DD 3000 up to the Ultralite DD 10000 – will cover everything from 3 wt rods to 12 weight rod applications.

NOTE: This refers to the Hardy Ultralite DD “Gun-Metal” Finish Reels. There are also Hardy Ultralite Black Edition fly reels. These new Black Edition DD reels cover 3 weight to 9 weight rods.

So I would put the Hardy Ultralite DD Reels into one of the Top 3 Best Fly Reels for mostly Freshwater fly fishing with some light Saltwater stuff Category.

For Heavy Saltwater Fly Fishing: I would look at the following

Hardy Fortuna X Fly Reel

Waterworks Lamson Reels like the ARX or Vanquish

How About The Best Fly Reels For The Money? Hardy Ultralite DD Reel In There?

Best budget fly reel under $300 perhaps. How about a fly reel that starts at $225? Indeed!

As mentioned earlier, if you are looking for a fly fishing reel that can be used for a 3 weight trout rod there is a Hardy Ultralite DD 3000 for that.

In fact, the Hardy Ultralite DD 3000, DD 4000 and DD 5000 all come in at $225.

Best Fly Reels For The Money or Budget Under $300 (See more below)

  1. Lamson Guru 2 Reel at $209
  2. Hardy Ultralite DD Reel $225
  3. Lamson Velocity 2 Reel at $259
Bradley Hardy Ultralite DD Reel and Zenith Rod Winter 2013

Friend and Pro Fly Fishing Guide Larry Lewis took this pic of me on the Wind River recently. Had the Hardy UL DD paired with the Zenith Rod.

How did I come up with this? Well, keeping things apples to apples – I am considering the reel size, price point and personal experience.

Finally: All three of these best fly reel selections have one more thing in common.

Aside from meeting the under $300 fly reel budget – they are all constructed from Barstock Aluminum and not cast aluminum.

Why did this Hardy Ultralite DD receive Best Fly Reels Awards From Fly Shop Owners?

To narrow it down…

1) Best Fly Reels by Design
2) Best Fly Reels For The Money
3) Solid Construction Best Looking Fly Reel

MidCurrent.com Article: Hardy Ultralite DD Fly Reel Freshwater Reels Best Of Show

…because it offers both classic looks and performance at a decent price.”

 Best Fly Reels As Far As Lightness Or Weight Goes?

Some people want a fly fishing reel that is extremely light weight. Of course, many times we are talking about tenths of ounces here. The Hardy Ultralite is a light reel, but not the lightest out there.

Also, you may want to consider balance. How the reel balances your fly rod when spooled up and put on.

Here’s an example of the unloaded weights of our most popular reels:

Hardy Ultralite DD 5000 for 5/6/7 Weight Rods weighs 5.1 Ounces ($225)

Lamson Guru 2 5/6 Weight Rods weighs 4.9 Ounces ($209)

Ross Evolution LT 3 for 5/6/7 Weight Rods weighs 4.5 Ounces ($320)

Lamson Velocity 2 for 5/6 Weight Rods weighs 4.2 Ounces ($259)

Waterworks ULA Force 2 X SL for 5/6 Weight Rods weighs 2.9 Ounces ($459)

Brown Trout from the Wind River-Best Fly Reels: Hardy Ultralite DD fly reel blog postHope this helps a bit in your decision for your next fly reel. Let me know, ok?

PS: We really want to earn  your business! If you found a better deal online, we would like the chance to meet it or beat it! Let us know, ok?

Thank you so much for stopping by!

We Really Appreciate You and Your Business!

Best Wishes for Great Fishes,

by Bradley Marlow
Owner: Marlow’s Fly Shop and MFlyShop.com
116 East Ramshorn Unit 1A
Dubois, Wyoming
(307) 455-2620

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to Contact Marlows Fly Shop. We’re happy to help!

We are Proud to be an Authorized Hardy and Greys Dealer.

Thank you for watching our Best Fly Reels Video Review (really appreciate it)

What Did You This Of This Hardy Ultralite DD Reel Review Video? Please leave your comment on the best fly reels video and post below…

PS: Here are some more great fly fishing sites I found.

Thank you so much for visiting Marlows Fly Shop Online - Bradley Marlow

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