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See the Latest Dubois WY Weather here…

The Official 82513 Dubois WY Weather Forecast


May The Sun Shine

On you. Your Family and Your Friends. But if a freak hail storm hits: May You Have A Nice Jacket Ready.


By hovering over the weather graphic, it will show a Search Bar where you can type in your Zip Code or City. Currently it alternates the 3-Day Forecast for Dubois, WY and Lander WY.
TIP! Hover Over The Weather Chart If You Want To Search For Weather in Other Parts Of The World.

A major update to this cool Weather Checker and it is Mobile Friendly! Try it out.


Dubois, United States82520Dubois, United States



We have added Weather for Dubois and Lander Wyoming. All the areas we like to fly-fish in :). We also have some conversions for km/h to mph and Celsius to Fahrenheit below as well. See below for that.
Here is One Showing the 5 Day Dubois WY Weather Forecast

I put the Full Wyoming Moon Set photo in the background. Took that picture last year. Though it may not reflect the current Dubois, WY weather – it looks pretty neat. Yes?

What is always interesting to me is: How different these Two Forecast Systems can be. At times. Ah well, that’s how forecasts are.



Dubois WY WEBCAMS Now Linked Below

PS: We have also added access to Local WY WebCams. See below for access.
You may also access the NOAA detailed Dubois Wyoming weather forecast. This is another on of our favorite weather checker tools. Click the link to see.


Web Cams for Dubois, WY – The Ramshorn Peak, Brooks Lake area and Union Pass

Temperature: Will You Need That Extra Warm Fly Fishing Jacket Today?

Click here if you need Fahrenheit (°F) to Celsius (°C) Degrees Conversion Calculation

For now – here are some temps that fall within most ranges for Dubois, WY.

  • -20° F = -29° C
  • -4° F = -20° C
  • 19.4° F = -7° C
  • 32° F = °0 C
  • 50° F = 10° C
  • 68° F = 20° C
  • 77° F = 25° C
  • 86° F = 30° C

Wind Speeds: Will You Need The “Big Stick” When Fly Fishing in Wyoming Today?

If you are looking for Kilometers per hour (km/h) to Miles per hour (mph) Conversion and Calculation

For now – here are some wind speeds that fall within most ranges for Dubois, Wyoming.

  • 5.0 km/h = 3.107 mph
  • 10.0 km/h = 6.214 mph
  • 20.0 km/h = 12.427 mph
  • 30.0 km/h = 18.641 mph
  • 40.0 km/h = 24.855 mph
  • 50.0 km/h = 31.069 mph
  • 60.0 km/h = 37.282 mph
  • 70.0 km/h = 43.496 mph
  • 80.0 km/h = 49.710 mph

So you are ready to get out there and do some serious fly fishing? Good for you!

(Can I go too?) Wait a minute. I need to stay at the fly fishing store today – perhaps tomorrow.

Stop by here anytime to see the Dubois WY Weather Forecast before heading out. We have two quick glances of Dubois WY weather forecast information for you here.

Also, take a look at the Official USGS Water Flow here: This is access to the Dubois WY USGS Real Time Water Flow chart(s) we like to look at in the Dubois area.

It shows The Wind River Water Flows and Measurements. We have also included the Wind river below the Boysen Dam

You will see the current CFS and Levels. A good chart to keep an eye on (especially after this last Summer runoff. (Whoa!)


Here is access to the Wyoming Fly Fishing Gear Checklist before you get out there


The Top 20 Things You Don’t Want To Forget When Fly Fishing In Wyoming


Download it, print it out and check off each of those needed items as you throw them in the truck. 🙂

It has a list of items you’ll want to be sure to have with you prior to going out and catching those beautiful trout on a Fly.

Scribble on it. Curse at it. Spill cold coffee all over it too.

Make notes about what I probably forgot – and send it back to me. I’ll update the gear list and even mention you as a prime contributor.


Seriously though - don't laugh ok?

Rain and more rain. It was coming down pretty hard at Simpson Lake this fine day.


PS: I’m not sure about you, but I’ve been known to snag a few tree limbs, the back of my skull and a few friends in the face with my fly hooks – in the Wonderful Wyoming Winds!

Does this sound familiar?

If it does, be sure to check the Dubois WY weather forecast widget just above, that also shows the current wind speed, forecast and additional details.

You will find that Dubois WY Weather Forecast Widget by scrolling UP

I just can’t promise that it will spare your fly or your friends.

While it was made with our Wyoming Weather in mind, it’s still a great list for any one who wants to go fly fishing.


We’ll see You on the Water.

Best Wishes For Great Fishes,
Marlow’s Fly Shop

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