First Fish On A Fly Rod | Video

A Little Guiding Was All It Took. Oh. And Of Course Avoiding The Double Cabin Fire, Bears and Helicopters

Lots of fun today taking first time fly fisher-woman Denise S up to the Double Cabin campground area near Dubois WY.

Denise, at the time, was the Head Wrangler for a local Wyoming ranch and I was surprised when she told me,

Denise S

“I have never gone fly fishing before.”

“What?!” I said. “Well that won’t do. I’ll take you fly fishing!”

Little did we know what was about to happen.

Trout were feeding on the surface here

2nd Location: Denise sees the fish coming up to feed. They’re jumping!

Let’s call this the fly fishing and Fire Report for the Dubois, Wyoming for 9/4/2011

Given that no one had taken Denise up in the mountains to do some fly fishing, I volunteered.

The Goal? – Help Denise catch her first trout on a dry fly!

Double Cabin fire video: Officially called the Norton Point forest fire, it had already burned through this area in July 2011 (a lightning strike).

As we drove the 25 miles up the Wyoming dirt road, it was apparent that it was burning again.

I was rather shocked by this development and so was Denise.

Nonetheless, we went on up to Double Cabin.

The scene there was pretty surreal, as you will see in this Dubois WY fly fishing video, with billows of smoke from the fire blowing right at us in the Frontier Creek area. It wasn’t long before a Helicopter Pilot was telling us we had to go.

Dang it!

In this WY First Fish On A Fly Rod video you will see

Many pictures and video clips I managed to get of the forest fire. Later, I was told that they (whoever “they” are) had re-started the Norton Point fire so that it would burn up the Wiggins Fork stream area and “into itself”.

We just picked the exact day all of this was going down. Ah well.

But that is not the point of the story.

Denise Caught Her First Fish On A Fly Rod (Dry Fly Too)

Super fun day and I am honored that Denise was able to… πŸ™‚


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PS: As of now, Double Cabin, Frontier Creek and Wiggins Fork are open. Hopefully they will stay that way.

Another great day of Dubois Wyoming fly fishing. Can’t wait to see you next.

DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE RIGHTS TO THE SONG BIG GUN by AC/DC. The song belongs to their respected owners. No copyright infringement is intended. This is used for entertainment purposes. Just a “student” of making fly fishing videos and thought that Denise was listening to too much Country music.

Denise – You did a great job and remember, a little Rock & Roll never hurt anybody πŸ™‚


Best Wishes for Great Fishes!

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Video was originally published in 2011 – This Post was updated March 2015

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