A Few FAQs Right Here: Let Us Help You Get Those Questions Answered


Wondering about anything related to Marlow’s? Check these Frequently Asked Questions and Answers.


I Just Broke The Fly Rod or Reel I Bought From You Guys. Do You Have Warranty and Repair Info Here?

So sorry to hear that! We have messed up the occasional fly rod and reel as well. It happens.

YES! We have a wonderful new page dedicated to helping you get Warranty, Service and Repair Information. It includes lots of Warranty Forms, access to online product registration an more. While we know it’s like losing your best friend – We think it will help – even a little bit.

What Is Your Best Price Guarantee?

We are very competitive. As such, we do our best to provide you with the best deals on fly fishing rods, reels and gear. If you find a Better Deal Online from another real, Authorized Dealer of those same products we carry – let us know! We would like the chance to Meet It or Beat It.

I See Some Free Quality Fly Line Offers. How Does That Work?

Many times, we do offer Free Fly Line or Super Low Cost Line Upgrade Deals. Currently, we are offering Free RIO or SA Fly line with the purchase of Mystic Fly Rods, Ross Reels and Ross Rods, Waterworks-Lamson Fly Reels and more. We realize that there may be a fly line that you want – and don’t see on the product page. In this case, we just ask you to Contact Us prior to ordering. We will let you know if we can get the line you want. In most cases – the answer will be “Yes, we can do that!”

How About Some Fly Fishing Tips For The Dubois Wyoming Area?

Another perfect question! We have an Excellent and Free Podcast that will you want to hear. The Top 3 Tips For Fly Fishing in Dubois WY (From a Pro Guide). You can even download it and listen to it on your Sony Walkman. Sweet.

What Should I Bring To Fly Fish In Beautiful Dubois, Wyoming?

Another Excellent Question! In fact, this is asked so often, we made a Free Fly Fishing Gear Check List for you.

Do You Have A Video For Wyoming Fly Fishing Guides

Yes indeed! You can find that fun Wyoming Fly Fishing Guide Video here. You can also read more about our Guided Wyoming Fly Fishing Trips. We have a lot to choose from and you can see that as well.

How Much Is A Guided Fly Fishing Trip?

Great Question! We have recently updated all of your Wyoming Fly Fishing Guide Rates.

How Much Does An Out Of State WY Fishing License Cost?

Wyoming has Daily Licenses and Annual Fishing Licenses. The daily Non-Resident Fishing License costs $14 per day. No Conservation Stamp is required for the Daily License. You may purchase any days that you like and they do NOT need to be consecutive.

The Annual WY Fishing License costs $92 and the required conservation stamp costs $12.50. A total of $104.50. So if you plan to fish 8 days or more in a calendar year, the Annual Wyoming Non-Resident Fishing License is the best buy.

You may now purchase your Non-Resident Wyoming Fishing License online. This is very handy as you can literally print it out before you make your trip to Wyoming. Of course you can buy your WY License at Marlow’s Fly Shop as well. Either way, we look forward to seeing you on the water!

Does My Child Need A Non-Resident Wyoming Fishing License?

Great Question! Here is How That Works:

If your Child is Under the Age of 14, they do not need to buy a WY Non-Resident Fishing License. However, if they are fishing, they must be accompanied by an Adult who DOES have a WY Non-Resident Fishing License.

If your Child is is between the ages of 14-18 years of age, they may buy a Non-Resident Youth Annual Wyoming Fishing License. The cost is $15 for the Calendar Year plus $12.50 for the Conservation Stamp. This is an excellent option if your Child will be fishing for 2 days or more.

You can now buy your Child a Non-Resident Wyoming Fishing License online.

Do I Need A Wyoming Fishing License To Fish In Yellowstone Park?

No. However, you will need to get a Yellowstone Park Fishing Permit at one of the Villages. Marlow’s Fly Shop cannot sell you a National Park License/Permit.

Anglers 16 years of age and older are required to purchase either:

A $18 Three-day permit
A $25 Seven-day permit
Or a $40 Season permit

Anglers 15 and younger have two options:

1) Children 15 and younger may fish without a permit if they are fishing under the direct supervision of an adult who has a valid park fishing permit.

2) Children 15 and younger may obtain a free permit that must be signed by a responsible adult; with this permit, a child can fish without direct adult supervision.