Dubois WY Fly Fishing Video: A Photo Essay and Dedication

More Than Fly Fishing Photos: Fly Fishing In Dubois WY Dedication Video Dedicated to My Mom, S and Friends

Dubois Wyoming Fly Fishing Photos and Video Dedication

Frequently, I’ll put down my rod and reel and vest to take pictures.

Dubois WY fly fishing video. But really more than that.

This is a photo essay designed to tell a bit of a story.

A story about the beauty of the area around Dubois Wyoming.

Featuring Wyoming wildlife photography, the Jackson Hole WY area and little things I see from time to time and nearby places.

With very few exceptions, all of the fly fishing photos in this video were captured within a 25 mile radius of Dubois, Wyoming.

There is something about Seasons in this video too and I’ll leave it to you to interpret.

“I’m always in awe of my surroundings”

Are you affected in a similar way?

Bradley Marlow

“I dedicate this to my dear Mom, Patty, who passed away recently. I miss her, dearly.”

She absolutely loved Dubois, Wyoming, the beautiful wildflowers, the fresh waters, streams and the trees – not to mention, watching me do a little fly fishing.

I miss her dearly and if there was ever anyone in my life that passed along a love for the outdoors – it was my Mom.

I also dedicate this to Shaylene. You know who you are 🙂

And – all my fly fishing friends who love this wonderful sport. You, of course.

More Than Fly Fishing Photos: Fly Fishing In Dubois WY Dedication {VIDEO} Just Above
PS: Just click the “X” if an ad pops up. Sorry about that. And enjoy…

While it was something of a personal project, I really tried to make this Dubois WY fly fishing video with a Universal appeal.

I hope you enjoy it.

Love Fly Fishing Quotes and Beautiful Images?

I have re-cut this fly fishing photos video and dedication and think it is much better than the original. For those who were missing the first one, I apologize. I hope you like this new one.

It also gave me a chance to fire up some new editing software that I needed to get familiar with. I’m going for full HD in this one.

After all, the next Dubois WY fly fishing video will be actual Winter Fly Fishing with a great lady named Mary. She caught some very nice trout.

 A Few Wyoming Fly Fishing Images Notes

I call this one Just Sit Here

I was with my Dear ‘ol Dad when we saw this beautiful pond. Very memorable.

All images photographed and ©Bradley Marlow with the exception of the following images:

  • “Wyoming Double Vision” by my good friend and worm chucker: Wally E.
  • “Weird Dark Skies” by Wally E. (black and white basin and cloud formation)
  • “Monster Pig Fish In Hand” by one of the greatest fly fishing friends in Dubois, WY: Leon S
  • “Jaws – Underwater Trout” by Leon S (But of course)
  • “Hoppers in April?” by fly fishing friend and local newspaper phenom Vic A
  • “Bradley’s Brown Fight #1, #2 and #3” by my fly fishing arch-nemesis Dennis K. I remind you Dennis, that I caught that baby on a 10′ 3 weight Rod. Eh…eh. (Dennis bought that rod the next day 🙂

Normally, I NEVER do this but…the song is Neil Diamond’s “Be”.

Neil Diamond: This was my Mom’s favorite singer in the entire world! I have many fond memories of summer camping trips and fly fishing excursions with a cassette tape of Neil playing in the background.

As such, I am hoping that he will forgive me for using his song in this Dubois, Wyoming photo essay.

I have a feeling he would.

Neil Diamond All-Time Greatest Hits

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Like Neil Diamond too? My Mom sure did – and it rubbed off on me. “Be” is a wonderful song. I would recommend the whole Jonathan Livingston Seagull album (from 1973)

As such – here is the DISCLAIMER


The song Be by Neil Diamond is property of its respective owners and I do not claim to own any of this material nor did I participate in its creation. No copyright infringement intended.

Wyoming Winking Nature Speaks by Bradley Loren Marlow

I dedicated this book to my Mom as well. She received the first hard cover copy

PS: My Mom also was the inspiration for my book: Wyoming Winking – Nature Speaks

Enjoy the Dubois WY Fly Fishing Video Photo Essay and Dedication and feel free to leave a comment or two.

We always love to hear from you.

Coming soon –

Winter Fly Fishing on the Wind River (fun times ahead)!


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  1. Our senses are very powerful, so it's not surprising your memory remembers music along with the sounds and sights of nature and loved ones.

    I've never made it up to the majestic states of Wyoming or Montana. Your slide show certainly makes me wonder what I have been missing out on all these years.

    Your Mom would be proud!

    -Sandra D.

    1. Thank you Sandra,

      I agree completely.

      Perhaps someday you will be able to come up and see this beautiful Dubois WY area. You are most welcome here. We'll get you a fly rod and reel and you can get out there and catch some fish. :)
      Best wishes


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