Dubois WY Fire Dec 30, 2014 | Thank You, Every One

Thank You Dubois, WY – Dubois Volunteer Fire Dept, Needs of Dubois, and Supporters Around The Globe


It started with an odd, apologetic text message from a friend.


12/30/2014 Text Message One on the Fire

Sent from my friend, Tracey, this was the moment when I first found out


Dubois Fire Down Town?

The other part of that same text message.



It wasn’t long after that, I was down town seeing this


Fire in Dubois WY on Dec 30th 2014

Flames jumping in the air, I noticed that they were aiming the water in the direction of Marlow’s Fly Shop.


And This…


Dubois Fire and Smoke 12/30/14

Somewhere behind all this smoke and fire, are more businesses than just my own


When I got a little closer, took this 12 second video with my iPhone




Fire and ICE | Dubois WY Fire Video by Joe Brandl


Here is what Joe Brandl did.

He documented the whole shocking event with both Chilling Video and Stunning Pics. If you get time, watch this video.
All Credit to Joe Brandl for all he did to put this together. Thank you Joe.


I Was with Dear Friends Leon and Jill Until About 3am. All We Could Do Is Take a Few Pics, Watch and Hope No One Got Hurt



Quite Possibly, This Shot Shows The Last Time We Will Ever See Brenda’s Main Street Mart Sign




Brenda's Main Street Mart - Last Moments

Brenda’s Main Street Mart was home to numerous small businesses – Including the Two Ocean Book Store that Julie Kosmata Eliot owned. Gone



The Next Day – I Saw Very Sad Things – Like This



Dec 31 2014 - Kit Stewarts Place Still smoldering

Kit Stewart’s Trapline Gallery – Completely Destroyed. Along with numerous other businesses down town. I have known Kit since I was a youngster



And This…


Dubois Wyoming Fire The Nest Day

Eerie picture of some kids bikes, frozen in time. There were behind the Main Street Mart.



And This Soon After…





Kit Stewart

Kit sits on a 5 Gallon bucket and looks over piles of burned up jewelry items. She is surrounded by good friends, doing their best to help.






But This In NOT A SAD STORY (Not At All)



I do not think that I will EVER be able to thank Every One. Though, this is my attempt to try.



In Fact – This Is A Story About A Dedicated Community And People With REAL Heart



The people of Dubois, Wyoming (and around the globe) have been so caring, thoughtful and kind.

If these fine folks had not been around – or could care less, I never would have been able to re-open.



Just the other day, I was able to hang up the Marlow’s Fly Shop Sign – one more time. It really was a great feeling.


Here is one of those Great People – Leon Sanderson


Marlow's Fly Shop Sign Going Back UP.

Leon Sanderson took time out of his busy day to be there when we hung up the Marlow’s Fly Shop Sign. We rescued this sign from the Fire. Cool!



Follow Up VIDEO: Devastation In Dubois Wyoming Fire KTWO 2 News Report



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  1. Wow! Thoses pictures of the Dubois WY Fire are intense! Thanks for sharing this.


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