Casting For Recovery Wyoming 2014 Video

What A Wonderful Day! CfR Wyoming Video From Sills For 2014


I once again had the pleasure of being a photographer for the CfR 2014 Event in Dubois WY. It had been a while since I had added any videos of images for Casting For Recovery Events – so thought I’d put this one together and share it.



Video form the WY CfR Event

What a Great Day for these ladies!


The Casting for Recovery Ladies thoroughly enjoyed themselves. We had such a wonderful day.


Tears of happiness did flow freely. These Ladies are absolutely amazing!


I have nothing but respect for them all.


Probably could have done a better job with this 2014 CfR Wyoming video, but have been slammed with rebuilding our website. So apologize if I didn’t get it just right.


Pro Photographers Missy and Deb were also there. They took some beautiful images – but I didn’t have access to them on this video. I believe Missy did upload a picture video too – will look for that and share the link here.


July 25-27, 2014: This Years Casting For Recovery Wyoming Event Quote:

“When they arrived at the Absaroka Ranch, they were 14 strangers from across the state of Wyoming. 14 women diagnosed with breast cancer. From age 36 to 66. From teacher to rancher and doctor to “blogger”. From Cody to Cheyenne and Gillette to Big Piney. From remission for 6+ years to currently in treatment. They are mothers and they are grandmas…they are survivors!!”


The Casting For Recovery Mission Statement


The mission of Casting for Recovery (CfR) is to enhance the quality of life of women with breast cancer through a unique program that combines breast cancer education and peer support with the therapeutic sport of fly fishing.

The retreats offer opportunities for women to find inspiration, discover renewed energy for life and experience healing connections with other women and nature. CfR’s retreats are open to breast cancer survivors of all ages, in all stages of treatment and recovery and are free to participants.


Find Out More: Casting For Recovery Wyoming: (Click to visit their website)

Casting For Recovery National Website


Our Gracious Hosts This Year and Every Year of the CfR Event
The Absaroka Ranch (Wow – What A Perfect Place – Be Sure To Visit Them)
Thank you very much for watching! Another incredible and emotional CfR Event in beautiful Dubois Wyoming.

Looking forward to 2015.

Note: This video may be shared freely. Any of these CFR Wyoming participants can contact me at anytime for high resolution pictures – at no charge. Am happy to do that.

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Produced and edited and by: Bradley Marlow
Photographed by: Bradley Marlow

Royalty free music licensed by This means we can legally use it in this original video. We legally purchased the blanket Royalty Free License for the track used in July of 2012 for this Dubois WY Casting For Recovery Images Video 2014. All images used in this video are original. Taken by Mr Marlow.

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  1. These women are amazing! Thank you for sharing the video and images of them fly fishing in Wyoming!


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