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That’s cool. We can accommodate you! (With a few small considerations)


We get it.

Not only do you want the lowest price on the greatest fly fishing gear – you want a best price guarantee.


Competitive Prices and Great Deals on Fly Fishing Rods, Reels and more

This is a picture of my Dear Dad. Even he loves the best prices on fly fishing gear. (Imagine That)


If you’re like me, you want the to find the most spectacular fly fishing gear you can.

Then you want to buy it for the best price.


So. Here is how this works.

We Will “Meet It or Beat It!”

I’ll bet you search for fly fishing rods or reels. Maybe you look for fly fishing gear reviews as well.

Then, you finally find one you like. Now your want to buy that rod or that fly reel – and are looking for the Best Price.

If you find a “Better Deal” from an Authorized Deal Online – just let us know.

If they have a better fly line option or upgrade? We want to know so we can either meet it or beat it.




We would like to be clear on a couple of points:


  1. Real Fly Fishing Shops Are Authorized Dealers of Manufacturers Products. (Like The Waterworks-Lamson or Mystic Fly Rods or Ross Reels or Hardy and Scott Rods) You get the idea.
  2. “Fake” Fly Fishing Shops Can’t Get Access or Sell Real Brands. (Like Scott Rods, Ross Reels, etc.)
  3. Sometimes Real Fly Shops Have Blow-Out Sales on Gear That Is No Longer Made. If we have access to the same gear in question we would be happy to meet it or beat it)
  4. Other Times Real Fly Shops Sell Off Floor Models of Rods and Reels. If we have a similar Model, we will offer the Best Price Guarantee on that as well.

In Summary – Fly Fishing Gear Best Price Guarantee

If you located an incredible price on say, a Scott Fly Rod and this deal is coming from a Real Scott Authorized Dealer – We’ll do the Best Price Guarantee.

We will meet it or beat it – period!

Why Buy Your Fly Fishing Gear from Marlow’s Fly Shop?


Here Are A Few Ideas…

At MFlyShop.com, you will save money when your purchase your fly fishing rods, reels and gear from us.


  • FREE SHIPPING in the USA On ALL Orders Over $69 (Yes On Alaska and Hawaii!)
  • FLAT RATE SHIPPING To Our Fly Fishing Friends In Canada (see terms)
  • NO Sales Tax! (unless you live in Wyoming)
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed


What Do You Need To Do To Get The Fly Fishing Gear Best Price?

Very simple.

Just Contact Us and send us the link

Or Give Us A Call at: 307-455-2620

That’s all there is to it 🙂

Speaking Of Gear: Here is a Free Checklist. Let Me Know What I Forgot, OK?


The Top 20 Things You Don’t Want To Forget When Fly Fishing In Wyoming



Really look forward to helping you get the Best Fly Fishing Gear (At the most reasonable prices)

Marlow in the SonicDry Pant waders


Thank you, fly fishing friend.

Best Wishes for Great Fishes,

by Bradley Marlow
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